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    Before purchasing BulletProof Security Pro please install BulletProof Security Free and run the Setup Wizard.  If you experience compatibility problems with BPS free then BPS Pro will not be compatible with your Server type.

    If your website is already hacked before installing BPS Pro, then BPS Pro will not automatically dehack/cleanup your website nor can any other plugin automatically clean up/dehack a hacked website (they will probably find the obvious hacker files/code, but will never find the hidden hacker backdoor files/code).  Please see this link for the steps you will need to do to dehack/cleanup your hacked website before installing BPS Pro on your site:  http://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/website-is-already-hacked-will-bps-pro-automatically-fix-or-remove-the-hackers-files-and-code/

    Compatible with PHP Server Versions:
    PHP5.x, PHP7.x (Note: PHP.net decided to use PHP7.x version naming instead of PHP6.x)

    Compatible Hosting/Host Server Types:
    Types: Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Managed, Colocation, In-house
    Types: Apache, Linux, Nginx, LiteSpeed, Windows (Windows IIS)

    Web Host Compatibility Check
    BPS and BPS Pro are compatible with the 20,000+ Web Hosts worldwide, but are not compatible with these 3 Web Hosting Companies (Landis Holdings, NTT Communications & Yahoo! SiteBuilder Hosting – Due to Custom Server Configurations and/or Server Restrictions) 
    Note:  WordPress.com (not WordPress.org) Free, Premium and Business Hosting does not allow installing 3rd party/premium/paid plugins. You cannot install the BPS Pro plugin on WordPress.com.

    Hostingzoom (Landis Holdings)
    Resellerzoom (Landis Holdings)
    Modvps (Landis Holdings)
    WowVPS.com (Landis Holdings)
    JaguarPC (Landis Holdings)
    Verio (NTT Communications)
    NTT America (NTT Communications)
    NTT Europe (NTT Communications)
    Yahoo! Hosting (Yahoo SiteBuilder)

    Plugin/Theme Compatibility
    BPS Pro and the JobRoller Theme are not compatible with each other.  If you are using the JobRoller Theme then find an alternative security plugin.  See this Forum Topic for more information:  http://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/jobroller-theme-emails-not-working-captcha-not-working-login-security-not-working/

    BPS Pro and the Auction Theme by SiteMile:  Mostly compatible, but js and css scripts and styles are hard/forced loaded by the Auction Theme, which causes problems for BPS Pro JTC Anti-Spam|Anti-Hacker jQuery UI Tooltip and the BPS Pro plugin pages do not display visually correct.  See this Forum Topic for more information:  http://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/auction-theme-by-sitemile-jtc-jquery-tooltip-not-working-css-and-js-not-displaying-correctly/

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