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    Hi Guys

    I did a backup of my site prior to upgrading to WP 5.8 and then upgraded. However, after the upgrade it was obvious that things didn’t go so well. I then did a restore from the backup and things were even worse in that the site had a critical error. I did the usual things to correct it, such as, disabling plugins by FTP and so on to no avail. I then contacted my host – Cloudways – who got the site back up saying that it was the upgrade to WP 5.8 that was causing the issues. That’s why I took a backup.

    The site is still not happy. There were errors with BPS Pro so I FTP the BPS Pro files to the server which solved some of the issues. I looked at the quarantined files and there was a count of 4000 files. I’ve spent three hours going through it and now there are about 20,000 files in quarantine.

    I’ve disabled AutoRestore now.

    How can I correct this? Please advise.

    AITpro Admin

    If your website is functioning correctly at this point then just use the steps below to clear/delete all Quarantine data.  Important!!!  Run the Pre-Installation Wizard and Setup Wizard instead of just turning AutoRestore back On. Running the Wizards will backup all files and turn AutoRestore back On.

    Clearing/Deleting excessive database entries in the Quarantine table and old quarantined files.
    If you have excessive quarantine database table entries and are unable to delete them using the Quarantine Delete Files option use the steps below.

    1. Go the BPS Pro > Pro-Tools menu/page > DB Table Cleaner|Remover tool tab page.
    2. Delete the quarantine database table by clicking the Drop Radio button for this database table: xx_bpspro_arq_quarantine
    3. Click the Empty|Drop button to delete the BPS quarantine database table. A new empty BPS quarantine database table will be automatically created.
    4. Use FTP or your web host control panel file manager and delete all folders under the BPS Quarantine folder located here: /wp-content/bps-backup/quarantine/

    For future reference: Any time you are manually working with files (migrations, restores, manually uploading) you want to use the AutoRestore|Quarantine Standard Procedural Steps when manually modifying files > http://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/autorestore-quarantine-guide-read-me-first/#procedural-steps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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