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    Edit|Update 12-2021: This forum topic has not been updated in years and no new Testimonials/Reviews will be added to this forum topic.  To see current BPS and BPS Pro plugin reviews/ratings visit the BPS Plugin Reviews/Ratings page > wordpress.org plugin ratings-reviews.

    Of course we want “Rave Reviews”, but in the long run what is most important is honest feedback and ideas for improvements or ideas for new features in BulletProof Security Pro.  Over the years BPS Pro has become as awesome as it is because of the feedback, ideas and feature requests that we have received from BPS users.  You can post a link back to your website with your testimonial, feedback or ideas if you would like a link back (backlink) to your website.  Please post only 1 link in your post or your post will be automatically spammed by BuddyPress/bbPress.

    You can also post BPS Pro Reviews on wordpress.org here:  Rate and Review BPS Pro

    These Testimonials & Feedback were copied/moved from the old Testimonials/Feedback page on the AITpro Blog site.  You get the general idea – We provide top notch Support & your website will never get hacked.

    “if your are tired of experimenting with other problematic plugins and need a reliable way to secure you site from all major attacks then get this plugin. secured my site and now i can sleep !

    used to get hacked. tried many plugins before BPS PRO , tried ithemes and other that did not prevent the real hackers. some other plugins would break my site as well. NO Hacking anymore, BPS pro put that hacker to rest! i have no problems anymore. this plugin is fast and clean.

    support is BEYOND EXPECTATIONS it is so good. this support has helped and steared me to the right way to setup the plugin and secure my site. Awesome support. the best support i have ever received by any programmer period!”




    “I can’t tell you how great i find this plugin, it simply fulfills everyone’s security dream what WP goes. Can’t get my hands off it, so intelligent, so many parameters, it’s almost like this plugin has a life of its own… And the one who pretends a diploma in rocket science is needed to use it really has no clue what security is all about. I used wordfence for about 2 years and thought it had power, now it just blemishes in my memory like some cheap piece of crap.

    You guys are geniuses.”

    – Dan Amiel


    Your product saved my website-building career. Okay so I am only an amateur but I have many sites and blogs I love. They were attacked due to vulnerabilities that I did not know were present in WordPress. In addition I discovered for the first time in over 15 years of hosting that a host is not responsible for “bot” attacks on your sites. I was shocked. Then I found out what security programs cost and thought that this was the end of building sites for me.. they were just TOO costly for a site which is not making money.

    Then I discovered the free edition of BPS Security. I liked it so much I donated. Then I noticed I could buy the whole product for use on as many sites as I wished for $49. I asked the author for a refund of the donation because I was buying the full product. He graciously refunded my donation and I did buy the product.

    I find it easy and very useful.

    [Yes you may use the above as a testimonial if you wish.] ”

    – Charles


    “Hi there,

    It has been three years now that I have been a happy user of BPS Pro. The more I use the more plugins I deactivate and delete. The product offers the richest selection of features I have seen in any other security product.

    {feel free to use the above as a testimonial}”

    – Anthony Tilke


    “Awesome prouct great thinking seriously I really appreciate all your help. ARQ is an awesome feature !”

    – John


    “I was getting tons of hacking attempts – the most was 83 in one day. I spent many hours trying to find a secure way to lock down my WordPress site – http://www.washonwheels.net. I tried a couple of plugins but they were either too cumbersome or made the site go down. I had to restore the database numerous times.

    My hosting company recommended I check out Bulletproof Security. It was just what I was looking for. After everything I had gone through, I didn’t bother with the free version going straight for the Pro version – a steal at $49.

    The support during installation was quick and professional. Since I’m not an IT guy, I contacted them a few times to make sure I set everything up right.

    Once it was installed, the hacking attempts stopped. You can’t protect yourself 100% but you can make it hard enough that hackers go spend their time on sites that aren’t protected.

    I don’t know how or why I became such a target but I no longer have to worry about them getting in. If you have a WordPress site, you should get Bulletproof Security and save yourself a bunch of headaches.”


    Joel Shorey, President


    “Here my Testimonial you can use at your disposal:

    After looking through various security related options for my WordPress sites I gave Bullet Proof Security a Go. I don’t mind paying for a good solution, so I went for the Pro version. The plugin installs flawlessly, and takes a little bit of getting used to in implementing the settings. Nothing too difficult if you know how to navigate WordPress admin.

    In fact, one could even secure a site without knowing anything, simply just by following the buttons one by one until all text goes green, hehe. Of course it makes sense to work through the Q&A and other help material available to get a bit more in depth understanding.

    I must say, the few times that I needed help, the support was fast and superb, and over the last year since I have been using BPS, it has improved tremendously, with instructional videos guiding all the way.

    Happy to give this my highest recommendation.”

    – Uwe


    “I just wanted to send you a major THANK YOU and a big – LOVE YA WORK!!!

    The new update and ‘Login Security’ feature is ace.

    Here are my honest feeling about this plugin in general and the work you are doing, for people like myself, who rely heavily on secure wordpress websites.

    “The Pro version of Bulletproof Security for WordPress is beyond brilliant!

    After the nightmare and stress involved in cleaning and restoring a hacked website. With BPS Pro now installed… I feel completely relaxed, knowing that nothing changes inside my website files without BPS blocking, restoring and/or alerting me.

    And now with the Login Security update (v5.8,) I can even track legit user’s logins and any hackers that manage to gain access via a intercepted or cracked password!

    At first glance the interface of this plugin is scary and intimidating, but by following the simple click procedure in the install video, I found it so easy to setup and get my head around!

    Thank you for all the immense hard work that has obviously gone into BPS Pro, I truly feel like I got a bargain. It should be the first thing that anyone serious wordpress site owner plugs in!”

    – Pablito



    “Just wanted to share my very pleasant experience with BPS team. I run a small website dedicated to wedding videos. Being in that industry, i am always preoccupied with many other tasks-so it leaves very little time for everything else. Recently my site was compromised, and i have read many positive reviews in regards to Bullet Proof Security and what it does for the site. So i gave it a try. I did not realise at the time, that it is NOT just another automated plugin. In fact, there are live people who are ready to help you when questions and problems arise. It happened to me, and i sent an email not expecting anything out of it; perhaps general manual instructions. I was wrong. Response was prompt. BPS team member helped me configure the plugin to my sites individual requirements, saving me headache and sleepless nights thinking that my site could be attacked again.”

    Best Regards

    – Igor


    “I was apprehensive when I first bought the BPS plugin but I was surprised by the functionalities and what it does to secure my websites. Most developers do not even bother to reply your request for support but I was pleasantly surprised that the response from BPS is very prompt and proactive. The developer even offered to get into my backend to assist me to debug some unusual problems. I happily give BPS plugin “Excellence for support” and “Fantastic for the functions” & I believe many wordpress sites could benefit from this plugins to ward off the nightmares caused by hackers who wasted so much of my valuable time with injection of malwares. The only word of caution is you must be prepared to spend some time to read through all the detail instructions to set up the plugins to enjoy the security afforded by it.”


    – Titus (Singapore)


    “Once again I just don’t know how to thank you enough. I actually though that the allocated space needed to be moved/shared but I had NO idea how to do it. Thank you! You have been such a pleasure to deal with and I’m just so impressed and grateful for what you’ve done. My domain have been so useless, they have extremely under qualified staff manning tech support but thankfully I got an absolute cracker of a woman yesterday that just went bam, I was on the phone to her for literally under a minute. All the extra things you did for me are just fantastic. I had no idea it would be so hard. They literally try to force you into them building your site for you so mostly the hard stuff is all code work which I can’t do. Throw Photoshop CS6 at me no problem but CODE, no thanks :-)”

    Kindest regards

    – Paul T


    “I don’t have a problem, but just wanted to say thank you for not only a brilliant plugin but also the superb support given to me when I had problems setting it up.

    The support given was quick and efficient – AND it was even given over the weekend!!

    If anybody is wondering whether or not to upgrade to the Pro version – I would definitely say DO IT!”

    Thanks again

    – Jill


    “I didn’t need another copy of BPS Pro so I donated the money instead.

    Ain’t much consider all the help you have given to me.

    Out of all the plugins and developers I have came across the last few months, I think you deserve to make it the most.

    Hope your company becomes like a big Norton or McAfee and you make millions. You have the product, skills, but what impress me more is your level to help a customer.

    Thanks for all the support.”

    – Thomas


    “Once again thank you Edward.

    You have set the bar for customer service and support.”

    – Dave


    “You are the man. Thanks for the great service and product.”

    – Nick


    “I tend to go overboard with things like security and BPS PRO does virtually everything that I need in a single plugin. I am especially happy that It monitors files for changes (as when you’ve been hacked) and not only notifies you but also automatically quarantines the suspect file and reverts to the good original! That and the multitude of other protections makes me feel confident in my website’s security.

    But I’m writing here mainly to say that the quick response to questions has been an unexpected pleasure and the real value of the purchase to me. Especially since all of this – websites, BPS PRO, WordPress, php – is new to me and I’ve needed the help. Thanks for such a great product and fantastic support.”

    – kayache


    “thank you for all your help – you go way beyond the call of duty.”

    – Jeffrey


    “Thank you.

    The plugin seems great and the support is outstanding.”

    – Nirvin


    “Appreciate all of your help and you super amazing response. Please keep me posted on your products as I am a loyal customer now.”

    – Scott



    Thanks! I did what you told me and the php error page disappeared, thank you.
    You been great help, i will definitely tell other people. Your website explains everything, and customer service is awesome, thanks alot”

    – Remi


    “My website lives in a very hostile environment. It was attacked majorly and it was clear I had to do some sort of serious lockdown. After evaluating a number of plugins, I settled on Bullet Proof Security. And I have no regrets. Best security decision I have ever made.

    In the world of plugins, there are some companies that spend a lot of money on marketing but at AIT Pro, it is clear that they have made good quality software their priority.

    Sure BPS is complicated but the support exceeds any plugin I have ever used. The documentation is detailed and throughout and it is clear that these guys have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is beyond what you would expect.

    Good work guys and I hope you do well because you have a huge fan base and growing.”

    Dave Adams
    Ottawa Ontario
    Chair of the Ottawa WordPress Meetup.

    “I understand, great. Thanks so much for all your help. And congrats on creating a great plugin, I see why everyone uses it now.”

    – Gil


    “Genius work here. :)”

    – Lys


    “Hi Every One,

    I would like to say to every one that is thinking buying BPS pro or upgrading that the support team for the bps pro plug in is one of the best i ever seen online.

    Highly professional and worth every $$ and much more.”

    Thanks Guys.

    – Nati


    “Excellent. I’ll try both of these.

    Thanks, as always, for your great support.”

    – Jack


    “Looking forward to it – and I also appreciate the prompt support and fixes.  Thanks, again.”

    – Samm


    “Thanks so much for your help & insight. Really appreciate it…
    Looking forward to the new version! Sounds great! I’ll spread the word…
    All the best,”


    “You nailed it! It must be Wordfence.

    I usually install BPS Pro first, then wordfence, and then backup buddy.

    But this time around I started with wordfence because it’s an existing site and I wanted to run a malware scan (came back clean) before doing anything else.

    I’ll de-activate it and try again.

    Thanks for an awesome plugin!”

    – Andres



    Thank you so much for all your work in sorting out why this one site within the hosting account was not seeing the correct custom php.ini

    I have edited the php.ini to set up the error log file to a common folder

    All the other sites were set up to see that error log file. So I have got all the sites working fine on that hosting account.

    Using BPS has been a big learning curve for me in terms of getting to grips with .htaccess and .ini files. I have learnt such a lot over the past week or so in implementing BPS in all of my sites. I am feeling so much more confident that I have got a robust system in place to guard against 99% of hacking attempts.

    Again, many thanks – and my best wishes for a nice weekend.”

    Kind regards

    – David


    “thanks for being so helpful, its all working as it should, must have been a typo or I am far too tired!!”

    – Jean-Michel


    “Sorry about that – I went looking in my junk and didn’t even notice the attached key. Thanks so much for your help.”

    – Ray


    “Thanks for being patient with me. All fixed now.”

    – Mike


    “Well. I think I can wait for the new release then.

    Now that I know what it is about, it doesn’t bother me.

    Thank you so much for your help, once again.”

    – Stefano


    “Thanks very much Edward, that is very comprehensive.

    I have to admit I always find getting the settings correct for BPS, but I feel a lot safer having it installed.

    Your support has always been great, and I am happy to sing the praises of this plugin.

    Have a great weekend.
    Best Regards”

    – Tony


    “Thank you for all your help over the past two days. I know how busy you must have been – following the 3.4 update issues. I really do appreciate your fast and helpful support.”

    – Dave


    “okay looks like I’m good and clean and everything’s working and protected.

    Thanks for putting those alerts in there to show next steps…

    This is getting less of a freak out, but it’s good to make mistakes, because I’m learning from them.

    Sorry about the bother.”

    – Cao


    “Ed Hi

    I contacted you in January this year – I had purchased your BulletProof Security Plugin.

    Thank you for all your help at the time.. you may recall that I mentioned that I was going to be involved in the development of several high profile websites – well now the first has just gone live.
    You did say that I could give you a shout anytime..”

    – Julia


    “Dear Edward et al

    BPS is an awesome product. I wouldn’t run a WordPress site without it ever again. But since installing your product we have been under siege by hackers from Europe and Russia who seem to be drawn to the site BECAUSE OF the plugin. As though they were looking for a fight with you through us.

    Would you consider offering a solution using perhaps Rewrites or functions.php to hide or obfuscate wp-login.php? There are multiple solutions posted on the web, but none are starting from such a high level protection as we AIT-PRO customers are. I want to do this right.

    Thank you!”

    – Mark


    “Thanks for your explanation.  I have purchased the product.  I am a novice so I will read everything a couple times before I do anything.  Hopefully I want screw up my work lol. Thanks again.”

    – b


    “Hi every one,
    I bought BPS Pro 2 months ago and using it ever since. Yesterday i received a notification i didn’t understand and had a problem with the why i was using the plug in.

    I contacted the plug in support team and was answered by Mr Edward Alexander. I would like to say that the i received the best tech support service ever recived from any paid service i’m using.

    Edward was highly professional and help to fix my problem and even other issuses in my word press site that needed fixing.

    i would like to recommended the plug in for every one how thinks on buying or using any security plug in for word press. The plug in is very good and the tech support is amazing.”


    – Natenal


    “Just got to say that the technical support , communication , response time and knowledge is excellent.

    It’s nice to have somebody who does care about your technical problem, this guy acted swiftly and even configured my settings for me.

    I would definitely recommend BPS security , you can’t go wrong !”

    – Ban


    “Ok Super Thanks for the info and I look forward to the new Version.

    I was impressed with the free version from BPS, thats why I decided to buy the Pro Version”

    – Steve


    “Thanks was the quick reply – that was very fast!

    I had never heard of the NS flag before a couple of moments ago… that works for now.

    Thanks again,”

    – Michael


    “Hi Ed,

    Thanks a lot for your support always.

    Attached is an image for error logs. How will I set the time the error_log said to correct it? How will I delete or clear the log in BPS, I mean, without going to VPS cPanel?

    Again, thanks a lot for your help.”

    – Maria


    “Okay it worked now. Finally 🙂 Thanks for your help.”


    – Angelo


    “Bingo – that did it.

    Brilliant tool – much better than Better WP Security. That thing was awful – gladly will send all my clients to you as an “add-on”.

    Do you offer any bulk pricing or affiliate options?”


    – Mark


    “Thanks! Product works great!”

    – Tomas


    “Well you’ve got a great product and incredible support. I hope all of your hard work pays off. ; )”

    – Pierre


    “As usual… thank you very much!”

    – S


    “BPS Rocks Man, Me.. and I am sure a ton of other people really love and appreciate what you are doing!”

    – Robert


    “Hi Ed,

    First off, want to say you have good customer support. You actually spend the time to help a customer even AFTER they have purchased. Most people once they have your money, they don’t care unless they can upsell you.

    Thanks for that.”

    – Thomas


    “Ok, and thanks for the quality of BPS Pro and for the very fast support !!!

    It’s very great !”

    Happy New Year !

    – Pascal


    “I come by way of Better WP Security.
    I had a love hate relationship with this plugin. Mainly for poor support when I ran into trouble. The plugin is does have a easier setup than this one. But, it is by far not as secure. This plugin has an incredible response time for helping you out, when you run into difficulties, but once it is setup. It is like have Fort Knocks standing by your site. Please do not hesitate in purchasing and installing this plugin, For having a site broken into, out ways the cost and time that you will be spending.
    There is plenty of support in guiding you on configuring this plugin.
    I am not paid, or have any relationship with this plugin. So, my views are truly on my own. But I feel that as an independent, that I I should let people know about the worthiness of this plugin.”

    – Robert DeSaeger


    I am really impressed with the plugin thus far. I’m a true minimalist when it comes to plugin use in WP but this definitely makes the list. All the security you need in one place. Totally worth every penny and then some.”

    – Jeane-Piere

    Kush Clean

    if your are tired of experimenting with other problematic plugins and need a reliable way to secure you site from all major attacks then get this plugin. secured my site and now i can sleep !

    used to get hacked. tried many plugins before BPS PRO , tried ithemes and other that did not prevent the real hackers. some other plugins would break my site as well. NO Hacking anymore, BPS pro put that hacker to rest! i have no problems anymore. this plugin is fast and clean.

    support is BEYOND EXPECTATIONS it is so good. this support has helped and steared me to the right way to setup the plugin and secure my site. Awesome support. the best support i have ever received by any programmer period!



    AITpro Admin

    Thank you for your testimonial/feedback!


    I have a feature request I would like to submit.  Not sure if this is the place or not.
    I have BPS pro, and I manage several domains for clients.  A lot of times I need to update specific files, or create new dyanimc files, and they are always getting quarantined.    It would be really nice if I could exclude a file right from the quarantine report.  Maybe add a button right there that I could say “exclude this file from quarantine”.  Otherwise I have to get the file path, go to the auto restore area and find where I need to put that path to exclude it.

    That is very hard in the instance where I need to tell a client how to do it over the phone.  Would be nice if I could just tell them to click one “exclude this file”.



    AITpro Admin

    @ McHenry – The AutoRestore/Quarantine procedural steps for manually modifying or uploading files are below.  There are tools already in AutoRestore where you can do what you are asking, but to be honest with you it is much simpler just to do the steps below.


    AutoRestore/Quarantine Correct Usage
    AutoRestore/Quarantine (ARQ Infinity) IDPS is a real time file monitor that monitors all of your website files for any changes. When manually uploading files with FTP or modifying files or folders on your website follow these simple procedural steps for AutoRestore/Quarantine (ARQ) to avoid having those files autorestored and / or quarantined. If files are sent to Quarantine then use the Restore File option in Quarantine to restore those files. ARQ is amazing, but it cannot tell who you are if you are manually modifying files or folders outside of your WordPress Dashboard – that is not possible.

    1. Turn ARQ Off.
    2. Upload or modify files or folders on your website.
    3. Click the appropriate Backup Files button: Root Files, wp-admin Files, wp-includes Files or wp-content Files Backup Files button.
    4. Turn ARQ back On.


    Yea, I know you can exclude them from the autorestore page, it would have just been nice to have a single-click button from the quarantine page (the page that shows what files were quarantined, and if you want to restore them, delete them, etc.).  That would be much more simple to explain to my clients then to have them go into the auto restore, find where they need to put the full path to the file, choose “exclude single file” from the pulldown, etc….

    AITpro Admin

    It would be possible to add another form option in Quarantine to exclude files, but the most common scenario is that this needs to be a temporarily excluded file and not a permanently excluded file so that still leaves you with additional steps to no longer exclude the file.  Anyway I look at this scenario the fastest and simplest way to handle working with files manually is doing the ARQ procedural steps when manually modifying website files.  The total number of steps/clicks is going to be less than any other option/procedures that I can think of.  It will still be looked into, but I think this has been on the table before and it always comes back to the ARQ procedural steps are the simplest way to go.

    AITpro Admin

    @ McHenry – An exclude individual file option directly in Quarantine may be added in the future, but these new problems that would be created by doing something like would need to be figured out first.

    If an individual file exclude option is created then how are folder exclude rules handled?  If the exclude rule is temporary and not permanent, how is this handled without creating additional problems?  Since adding a direct folder exclude rule in Quarantine is not possible without creating massive confusion and a wide variety of possible problems, how would the help text and other messaging explain the differences between an individual file and a folder exclude rule?  Should all AutoRestore Exclude options for folders and files be moved to Quarantine?

    Paul D.

    I’ve been using BPS Pro since version 5.6 and it’s getting better and easier to use ! Excellent product and support !

    Paul D.
    Multiple WordPress Website Administrator / Virtual Assistant

    AITpro Admin

    @ Paul D – Thanks for posting feedback!

    Joseph Lee

    I recently quoted this from elsewhere in a previous thread:

    >> “…you guys are brilliant.  You have kept my sites hack free for 2 years and counting…

    I knew nothing about any kind of security when I established my first-ever website a little over two years ago, and it did not take me long to realize a few articles or posts such as “How to harden WordPress” were never going to be enough…and then I encountered BulletProof Security.  I first felt a little intimidated by its seeming complexity, but I now understand that mere feeling came mostly from my lack of knowledge related to the comprehensive coverage BulletProof Security provides.  Causing no risk, threat or danger of any kind to a new webmaster or any website, I have learned a few clicks within BPS can easily save weeks, months and even years of one’s own discovery-of-need, research, study, learning and implementation of rock-solid website security.

    AITpro Admin

    @ Joseph Lee – Thanks for the great feedback!


    Ok I have only been using this plugin a short time, but absolutely love it. I will be using it on all my managed wordpress sites shortly after I have mastered it 🙂

    First I would like to see the affiliate program re-activated.

    Second, if you could incorporate some kind of SECURITY SECURE BADGE  / TRUST SEAL  like “SITELOCK” uses, we could place it in wp footer where if clicked again similar to “sitelock” it gives the scan results and firewall activation status, and a link back to BPS PRO telling visitors what BPS PRO IS, and if you’re an affiliate this link could also be your affiliate link as well.

    Just an idea, and if the badge is already a feature and I missed it I apologize.


    vCard Video

    AITpro Admin

    We will be creating a new custom affiliate solution soon.  Ballpark completion time is 1 to 2 weeks.  Not sure if exposing things like status or scan results publicly would be a good thing to do, but an option to display a footer security badge is on the task list.  Will probably be added in BPS Pro 10.3.  Thanks for the feedback.


    Maybe something like this could be implemented?

    • Force logout of all users after a configurable time period
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