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    Tony Payne

    I have been struggling for a few months since I adopted Cloudflare and also switched to them as my Registrar.

    Not sure what the problem is, my host X10Infinity haven’t been able to help, but I am getting a lot of problems in the Admin area, in particular the Accordion is not working on BPS pages, which makes it hard to use the configuration pages.

    The browser developer tools show me these errors when I load any wp-admin pages:

    The scripts are:

    I am on the latest version of WordPress, using the Customizr theme.
    Any ideas please? Happy to provide any info you need to help determine the problem.

    Tony Payne

    AITpro Admin

    Most likely you need to whitelist the Cloudflare IP addresses in the BPS Pro Plugin Firewall.  See this forum topic for how to do that > https://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/cloudflare-login-security-and-plugin-firewall-not-working/

    Tony Payne

    I did that ages ago, I’m sure it must have fixed some problems, but it hasn’t fixed the 403 on these 3 .js files unfortunately.

    Will take a look at the troubleshooting links in the morning.

    Thanks very much for the prompt response.

    AITpro Admin

    I checked your website frontend and the BPS Pro Plugin Firewall is working correctly.  If you want me to login to your site and figure this out then send a WordPress Administrator login to your site to:  info at ait-pro dot com.

    Either you just need to reset the Plugin Firewall whitelist rules.  See the “Troubleshooting: Reset|Clear The Plugin Firewall” help section > https://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/plugin-firewall-read-me-first-troubleshooting/

    Or something is caching your wp-admin backend area like Cloudflare or something else.

    Or maybe there is a plugin conflict with one of your other plugins > try deactivating all other plugins and see if that fixes the display problem.

    Or you have an invalid Plugin Firewall whitelist rule in the Plugin Firewall > Plugins Script|File Whitelist Text Area.

    Tony Payne

    Thanks for the tips.

    I followed step 3 and deactivated the Plugin Firewall. The accordion is now displaying correctly.

    3. On the Security Modes page, click the Plugin Firewall BulletProof Mode Deactivate button.

    Did this and clicked on Test Mode for the Plugin Firewall.

    Went through the other steps, but can’t see any firewall options populated even after 10 minutes.

    8. Recheck the Plugins Script|File Whitelist Text Area (after 1 minute) and you should see new Plugin Firewall whitelist rules have been created.

    I have been having performance problems on the site as well, in particular at the back end. Clearing the Plugin Firewall rules things do appear to be faster.

    Firewall activated again, all appears to be working ok

    Decided to go to the Setup, clicked on Setup Wizard. Clicked on the popup, then on the next screen lost CSS and then got 500 Internal Server Error.

    Restoring .htaccess from master backup (copied/pasted content).

    Site now back up.

    Tried the same twice more, every time I clicked on the Setup Wizard -> Pre-Installation Wizard, after a few seconds the page has lost css and on refresh 500 Internal Server Error.

    This is beyond my knowledge scope unfortunately. I was hoping I could fix things using the documentation, but I obviously have something wrong.

    Will provide login details for you and email them to you, as well as the good & bad .htaccess files.

    Regards and Thanks again.

    AITpro Admin

    You have invalid htaccess code saved somewhere in BPS Custom Code.  When you run the Wizards the Wizards create new htaccess files using the htaccess code saved in BPS Custom Code.  Go to BPS Custom Code > click the Export button > send the Custom Code zip file to me so I can tell you which htaccess code in Custom Code needs to be removed or fixed.  Or yeah just send me a login to this site.

    Tony Payne

    I just emailed a copy of the security log. It looks like the plugin firewall just updated the settings and logged the fact.

    I can now see the settings in the plugin firewall which look good.

    As far as the htaccess custom code, can I remove this all and add the options again, or is it as I assume more complicated than that?

    AITpro Admin

    These issues were resolved directly via email.  Invalid custom htaccess code causing a 500 error when running the Setup Wizard was fixed.  The Plugin Firewall problem had to do with a server config issue and a workaround solution has been used to fix this problem.

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