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    Interesting, got it set up and working. after being installed for a few hours, I started getting a pop up with “additional dialog” with I visit the settings page: Expected behavior? What is that about?
    Thanks again for your help,

    AITpro Admin

    I have never seen this before so I am making some logical guesses based on what is shown in the session cookie pop-up.  First off the session cookie pop-up should not be happening / is not standard/normal.  The most logical guess is this is some sort of Browser issue/problem, such as you have a Browser setting that is showing session cookies in a popup window.  Try clearing your Browser Cache.  Try a different Browser and see if this issue/problem still occurs.

    Do you have any other Browser windows or additional Browser Tabs open at the same time you are going to the BPS Settings page?  If so, then the session cookie popup may appear to be coming from the BPS, but is actually coming from something else.  Do you have any Browser add-ons or extensions installed?

    The next most logical cause of the problem is that you have another plugin installed that is loading its js scripts in BPS settings pages.  This is a fairly common problem.  See this Forum Topic:

    If the issue/problem is not with your Browser itself or another plugin loading its scripts in BPS settings pages then you would continue on in troubleshooting and look at these things.

    It appears that you have a BuddyPress Forum site since I see the string/function bp-activity-oldestpage.
    The  uploader hidetb string/function has something to do with either CKEditor or FCKEditor / tinymce and your WYSIWYG editor.
    Do you have a custom php.ini file?  Are you using a php/php.ini handler in your root .htaccess file?


    That was using chrome, I just opened the page with IE and got the same pop-up. I don’t think it’s a browser setting, as I haven’t seen anything like that before.

    BuddyPress… hmmm, I installed that last week to see if it was something I wanted to use. Decided against it (think I will try WPSymposium instead) and deactivated/deleted it. Apparently something of BuddyPress was left behind and maybe that’s causing this somehow. As of this morning several of the tabs, anything after the security log, doesn’t work. Nothing appears. Maybe I broke something somehow?

    I’ve put BulletProof on a second site now, much easier after going through the process once 🙂  The second install is working fine.

    No php handlers in the custom .htaccess code, just a few redirects.

    Ok, here’s the plan. I’ve decide to upgrade to pro. So I will be getting rid of the current install and uploading pro, as per the instructions. In part because it appears to be the best firewall plugin around, and in part because of your excellent customer service.

    Maybe the re-install will fix this. Or maybe it’s something from another plugin. Either way, after I install pro I will let you know if this and the tab issue continue….. unless for any reason you want to take a look at what is happening first. If so, I can send you log in details,

    It will be a day or two before I get the pro version, have to transfer some funds over first,


    ps: I should ask – any known conflicts with wpsymposium?

    AITpro Admin

    BuddyPress is very impressive and works beautifully in this Forum, but yeah I have run into problems with BuddyPress when doing BuddyPress upgrades and uninstalling BuddyPress before.  I believe this has something to do with how BuddyPress is so integrated with WordPress, but have not had the time to isolate why in some situations doing a BuddyPress upgrade or an uninstallation can cause a problem.

    In any case, upgrading or uninstalling BuddyPress should not be taken lightly since it is such an advanced platform and so integrated with WordPress.  You should create website backups before doing an upgrade or uninstalling BuddyPress just in case something goes wrong.

    No one has ever reported any issues/problems with WP Symposium plugin so I assume there are not any issues/problems.  BPS and BPS Pro work with all Plugins and Themes.  BPS and BPS Pro do on occaison block something legitimate in a Plugin or Theme and a skip/bypass rule or other whitelisting rule needs to be created.

    Are you getting the same session cookie pop-ups on the second site?  If not, then yep your conclusion that something leftover from BuddyPress on the other site is what is causing the session cookie pop-up.

    AITpro Admin

    “…anything after the security log, doesn’t work. Nothing appears….”

    My hunch on this is that the security log file is not accessible due to a permission / Ownership setting.  If the security log text file is not accessible/writable then this would cause the script to exit at this point.  BPS uses jQuery tabs to segment the options page.  The options page is actually only 1 single page/script with divs to create the jQuery tab pages.

    The security log file is located here – /wp-content/bps-backup/logs/http_error_log.txt.  The /bps-backup folder is protected by a deny all .htaccess file so it is completely safe to change file/folder Ownership or permissions for this folder.


    Ok, going back to the beginning now that I know how to install it. Just restored a backup from pre-buddypress and pre-bps times, since I did them both within a few days of each other, then uninstalled buddypress.

    No problems with the second site I installed it on, so I think it was just me learning the steps since my set up is a bit different, permissions wise. That and maybe some buddypress leftovers causing interference.

    Thanks again for all your help,


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