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    Paul Smith

    I have an account with Bluehost and a website I installed BPS on this website. I have just created another website as an addon domain to the same bluehost account I installed BPS on this website as well It all seems to work ( albeit that I haven’t really got started on the new website) …. But I have just read that maybe the new addon website is a sub domain in reality – don’t really know how these things work or the right questions to ask … but I read that maybe BPS should only be installed on the first??

    Am I OK with BPS on both these websites – as I said both seem to function?

    thanks for your understanding


    AITpro Admin

    BPS should be installed on each/every website.  Each website should have its own .htaccess files so that your security is compartmentalized for each site allowing you to control security individually for each site.

    Example:  1 site needs whitelisting rules/skip or bypass rules and the other site does not.  By having separate .htaccess files you would only have to create these rules on that site that needs them.

    The other factor is that each site will have and needs its own individual RewriteRules and RewriteBase.
    addon domains are usually aliased to the primary domain account for the hosting account.  A subdomain site would be a site like this forum for example.

    This forum site exists in this folder…

    …and has an A record (could also use a CNAME record for a subdomain site) pointing to the /forum folder.


    Paul Smith

    Thank you so much for the amzingly quick response. I think I understand that I am OK with what I have done. I have not researched about rewrite rules and rewritebase – so I regret I do not understand . But I do understand that there is no issue to worry about I like the way that BPS just comes out of a box and you press four or five buttons and your there!

    many thanks again…


    AITpro Admin

    Yep, you are good to go and have done everything correctly.  Thanks.


    Alex Laxton

    Great to hear this Exciting news and solution. Great to go you are excellent on your work.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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