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    Yesterday, I updated WP, two plugins, then did a “manually check for update” with BPS pro, because it was not showing.  Updated BPS, everything was fine.  Afterward, I noticed a warning message saying the autorestore was not turned on — so I made the  fatal mistake of turning it on — lost the admin side to the white screen of death, but the front end looks fine.  Followed the instructions on this website, used xternal tools, etc., all I managed to do is be blocked by my hosting company as a hacker.   I contacted them, and the tech guy said it has been fixed.

    Could you please point me in the right direction to instructions on how to fix this??

    AITpro Admin

    Restore your site files from a file backup.  Only restore your entire website files from a host file backup or other file backup and do not restore your database.  See the AutoRestore Guide: for info about AutoRestore messages that are displayed.  AutoRestore will automatically turn itself off if a problem or procedural error has been made.  Either click the link in the AutoRestore message that is displayed in your WordPress Dashboard when a forced ARQ failsafe shutdown occurs, which will automatically backup files and turn AutoRestore back On, or you can run the Setup Wizard again to backup all files and turn AutoRestore back On.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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