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    Email Question:

    Hi, I wanted to follow up on a couple things we discussed a long time ago, as well as a new issue.

    1. The first thing is that whenever I export my site using All in One WP Migration, it stores a copy of my backup on the server. These backups always get quarantined, so I need to figure out how to exclude them from being quarantined.

    2. The other thing is that I ran into an issue a long time ago where I had three files quarantined called auto_.htaccess. You gave me the following steps to prevent this issue from happening again:

    “Most likely the root htaccess file was quarantined due to another plugin using the flush_rewrite_rules() function, which adds the default WordPress Rewrite htaccess code at the bottom of the root htaccess file.

    To prevent this issue from reoccurring > Go to the B-Core > htaccess File Editor tab page > click the Lock htaccess file button and the Turn On AutoLock button.
    Delete the auto_.htaccess file in Quarantine.”

    However, when I go to the htaccess File Editor tab page, I cannot find the Lock htaccess file button, nor can I find the Turn On AutoLock button. These are the only options I see:
    – secure.htaccess
    – default.htaccess
    – wpadmin-secure.htaccess
    – Plugins htaccess File
    – Uploads htaccess File
    – Root htaccess File
    – wp-admin htaccess File
    – Update File
    – Encrypt htaccess Code
    – Decrypt htaccess Code

    Where am I supposed to click?

    3. Despite All in One Migration not showing that I have any backups currently, there’s a robots.txt file that keeps getting quarantined – it’s at the following location:

    How do I exclude this file from being quarantined?

    Thanks for your help. Sorry to hit you with three issues at once, but they all need to be addressed.


    AITpro Admin


    If you are not seeing the Lock htaccess file button on the htaccess File Editor page then you have a DSO server type that does not allow locking htaccess files.

    To fix all of these problems go to the BPS Pro Setup Wizard and run the Pre-Installation Wizard and Setup Wizard.

    The Setup Wizard will automatically fix the root htaccess (auto_.htaccess) file quarantine problem and the All in one migration backup folder problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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