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    I am getting a lot of hits to several of my sites from

    Their site says:

    Do you want to link anonymously to other web sites without sending any referrer?
    Use to de-referer or null-referer your links.
    Create a secure anonymous short link from your url which also hides http referrer!

    Is there any way to block these links?


    AITpro Admin

    I guess you could block by IP address or host/domain name, but why bother?  Since basically all that is happening is that some other website has a link to your website and they are hiding/shortening the link on their site to your site.  I don’t really see any sort of problem with that.  For example, this site has well over a 1,000 links to it, which used to actually help a website’s rank (backlinks) in Search Engine ranking, but no longer matters or counts for anything.  So since I cannot see a negative or positive impact then what you have is moot/null situation occurring.


    This VPN service probably is going to be the solution for you due to its expanded set of tools flashnifties

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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