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    Hi there,

    hope you guys can give me some advice on a general question.

    So i chose BPS Pro as my main security plugin but i was wondering if there is any need for another security plugins (if there is no need even better) and if so if the following plugins would make sense to be integrated:

    Security Ninja Pro (Scans for problems on the site, gives advice for improvement)

    Ninja Firewall (Apparently really good firewall even though BPS Pro has one already integrated)

    Thanks in advance.


    AITpro Admin

    I searched our forum and did not find any forum topics related to any issues, problems or incompatibilities with either of these two plugins.  So that most likely means they are compatible and work together.  If you run into any problems then let us know about that and we will provide a solution to the problem(s).  We only use BPS Pro on all our sites, but have lots of customers who use other WordPress security plugins with BPS Pro.  In general, as long as the plugin features do not conflict with each other then it is perfectly fine to have as many security plugins as you would like to use.

    All BPS Pro features are designed with On|Off capability so that if there is a conflict with features of another plugin or someone wants to use another plugin’s feature instead of BPS Pro’s feature then someone can just turn Off the BPS Pro feature.  Example:  Some folks want to use other plugin’s Login Security feature or they have a Membership site, which controls the Login already.  Those folks can turn Off BPS Pro Login Security in those cases.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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