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    Was trying to investitgate timeout issues on my site (  Specifically, when I try to navigate to the Bulletproof plugin, it’s the only plugin that often fails to load in the backend.  I’ll have to hit refresh a number of times as it will simply lock up.

    Consequently, I asked the host to investigate and they ran an STRACE on the site and discovered that every web page is causing a call to wp-cron.php and it’s adding about 1 second to every page load.  Turning off ARQ resolved this problem.

    I’m not sure what I can do but it seems that Bulletproof Pro ARQ is killing site performance and I don’t know what other features may also be causing page load issues.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    AITpro Admin

    That is not normal so something else you have installed on your site is breaking ARQ or causing ARQ to malfunction or ARQ is not configured correctly.  As of BPS Pro 9.0 additional performance optimization was added to ARQ to make ARQ even faster then it was previously.  Previous versions of BPS Pro ARQ caused about .1 second latency under certain conditions if 5,000+ files were being monitored and checked (typically “maxed out” conditions).  BPS Pro 9.0 latency has a maxium of .05 seconds (checking 5,000 or less files), unless of course something is breaking ARQ or causing it to malfunction.  It is also possible that ARQ is not being used correctly or an ARQ configuration mistake has been made, etc.

    How many files total are you monitoring with ARQ?  List each folder total individually.  ie Root, wp-admin, wp-includes, wp-content.
    Are you monitoring any extremely large files?
    Are you monitoring only this website or are you trying to monitor this site and other sites?

    Once you have answered these basic questions then I will move on to looking at your environment. ie plugins or other things that could be breaking ARQ or causing ARQ to malfunction.


    Root: 34
    wp-admin:  417
    wp-includes:  528
    wp-content:  1410

    Can I ask a question?  Would there be any value in totally deleting BPS Pro from my system and dB and starting fresh with the installation?  I ask because it never seems like the problems I’m encountering are the same.  Is it at all possible that some old dB entries are somehow giving BPS Pro some old information?

    AITpro Admin

    That is a normal / average amount of files being checked that should not cause any slowness/latency whatsoever.  The only time any latency is noticeable is when the total number of files being checked reaches 5,000 files total, which will have about .05 second latency ONLY when the Cron is firing and not inbetween Cron fires.

    It is very unlikely that uninstalling and reinstalling BPS Pro will fix the problem, but since this is quick and simple to do then give it a try.  If you created any additional Plugin Firewall whitelist rules and/or Custom Code then save that somewhere on your computer so you can add it back after reinstalling BPS Pro and running the Setup Wizard.  I have some more likely causes of the problem that I will check with you next after you try deleting and reinstalling BPS Pro.

    Download the latest BPS Pro zip file from the Secure Download area as well so that you know for sure you have the most current version of BPS Pro.


    I totally deleted the plugin and even went into the dB to find traces of %bps%.  I found a cron entry that had a bunch of stuff in it including some really old plugin cron entries so I deleted that.

    I re-installed BPS Pro from a fresh download of the plugin.  I had some trouble activating. I was getting this error:

    The AITpro API Server: [link removed] at IP Address: [] is NOT reachable using fsockopen Port 80.
    The AITpro API Server IP Address is being blocked by a plugin or your web host is blocking the IP Address.

    Is Rackspace now blocking your API Server?  I was able to find my old activation key for this domain and get it activated either way.

    I have everything back on now.  I disabled the Plugin Firewall because it was causing too many PHP errors and I didn’t want to have to hunt for all the things I need to find.

    I ran P3 Plugin Profiler before I reinstalled BPS Pro.  Plugin Load time was 0.681 seconds.

    After installing BPS Pro and having all features active (except the PFW), the Plugin load time is now 1.63 seconds.  BPS Pro is adding 1 second of load, on average, for every page.  I don’t know if it’s the ARQ or something else.

    Incidentally, after all that, I’m still having that problem again where the settings under BPS Pro hang and I have to hit refresh in order to load BPS Pro settings.

    Very frustrating.

    AITpro Admin

    Using the normal WordPress Plugin page delete link deletes all BPS Pro DB entries and all other BPS Pro files except for one folder.  The /bps-backup/ folder to prevent catastrophic user errors.

    The P3 Profiler plugin is accurate for checking the number of Queries, but is not accurate for checking plugin resource usage and maybe plugin load time too.  It does give you a general ballpark #, but that # fluctuates drastically.  That is a known issue with P3 so you want to use the information very loosely.

    BPS Pro is adding 1 second of load, on average, for every page

    Are you getting that information from P3 or are you actually checking your website with YSlow or Firebug or some other tool that can accurately check website load speeds?  Like I said, use P3 loosely.  😉

    Yep, I did not think uninstalling/reinstalling BPS Pro would fix whatever problem is occurring on your website.  Instead of doing this the hard way send me a login to the site so that I can isolate the source of the problem and fix it.

    AITpro Admin

    Logged in everything is performing very well both on the frontend and the backend of the site.  Try clearing your Browser Cache.  Or try the Google Chrome Browser and make sure you do not have any add-ons or extensions loading in your Browser that could be causing latency.

    Used the Google Chrome Browser:
    BPS Pro plugin pages load instantly. Testing load speeds with YSlow and Firebug the results are the same whether AutoRestore is On or Off on your Home page.
    Load speeds fluctuate sporadically from 1.7 seconds to 3.1 seconds whether AutoreRestore is On or Off for your Home page.

    To be completely honest with you the site is performing very well and I cannot find any problems at all.

    This is a hunch and I could be wrong about this, but when I go to this page:

    It takes 12.50 seconds to load this page/link on the first uncached load.  There 64 Requests loading.  The total size is 1.4MB.  After the page is cached it is still very heavy/slow to load around 3 seconds.  This is probably what you are talking about and whether or not AutoRestore is On or Off does not change the load speeds – they are the same whether AutoRestore is On or Off.

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