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    Im trying to upgrade a plugin and BPS Pro keeps quarantining my plugin files.

    Am I missing something because its quarantining everything I do …

    The process is completely cumbersome to have approve all the files then delete them for every upgrade.
    suggestions welcome,


    AutoRestore / Quarantine (ARQ Infinity) is a real time file monitor with automatic file restore and quarantine capabilities.

    When updating plugins, installing new plugins, deleting plugins or updating, installing and deleting Themes you need to follow these simple procedural steps for ARQ.

    1. Turn off ARQ
    2. Install / update plugins or Themes
    3. Click the 4 Backup Files buttons
    4. Turn ARQ back On.

    Explanation of how ARQ works:
    Everything about BPS Pro does its own thing without any additional steps required by you except for ARQ Infinity. ARQ Infinity is a real time file monitor that monitors all of your website files for any changes and will automatically autorestore and quarantine files if any file changes are made so if you are going to install a new plugin or remove a plugin from your website then ARQ needs to be turned off, then before you turn it back on you will need to click the 4 Backup Files buttons on the AutoRestore page. A good analogy is that ARQ is the lock on your car door – when you want to go somewhere you unlock your car door and when you arrive at your destination you are going to lock your car door again. ARQ is basically a lock for your entire website. So just remember to always click the Backup Files buttons before turning ARQ back on and you will not have to restore files that are sent to Quarantine if you accidentally forget to do this. But if you forget then just click the Restore File option in Quarantine to restore files.

    Link to the ARQ Infinity Guide >>>

    If you installed a new Plugin or Theme while ARQ was On or you forgot to click the Backup Files button before turning ARQ back On then follow these steps below to fix the issue.

    1. Turn off ARQ
    2. Delete all the files in Quarantine for the plugin or theme you installed
    3. Delete the entire plugin folder or theme folder for this plugin or theme using FTP or your Web Host Control panel File Manager
    4. Click on the Delete Files button for your wp-content folder to remove invalid folders or any other mistakes
    5. Install the Plugin or Theme
    6. Click the 4 Backup Files buttons
    7. Turn ARQ back On

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