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    I have set up up BPS following the guides and examples on your website. For some time now, I am experiencing the following problem, which is not bound to the theme I am using (Themify “Fullscreen”), but also present with any of the default wordpress themes.

    When, in the backend, I click on “Appearance -> Customize”, I do get this column with all the options on the lefthandside, and in the rest of the window, my website is displayed. But I am in no way able to edit any of the settings, since this  “backend customizing-page” will reload every few seconds, it will not stay put. So I can neither browse into any of the settings’ options nor prevent the reloading of this customizing page – all I can do is click on the X in the top left corner and “escape” to wordpress backend.

    Since this happens with all – even the default – themes and only appeared after I started using BPS, I assume, that there might be some misconfiguration in the settings I am using, but I am neither aware nor have the knowledge on what to look for. You you be so kind and provide any help?

    Thank you in advance!

    AITpro Admin

    Have you activated BOTH root folder and wp-admin BulletProof Modes?

    Here is a link below to the BPS troubleshooting help section which has steps to confirm, eliminate or isolate the problem.  This Forum topic is also the main BPS  troubleshooting page for other common problems.


    Yes, I had activated BOTH fronted and backend security. And: thank you for pointing me to the troubleshooting pages – I had tried these, before I posted the question, but only to the point, where I completely deactivated BPS (and my problem still persisted). I never came across the idea, that a plugin may be to blame, since the problem started after the installation of BPS. Now I step by step went through deactivating each plugin and found out, that the culprit is a plugin called WP Copy Data Protector – it is responsible for the cycling/reloading of the “Customize”-page in the “Appearance”-section of the backend.

    I am sorry, that I have bothered you with this, and I assume, that this must have been some strange coincidence/quirk happening around the same time when installing BPS.

    I found a solution to the problem and will post it below, so that maybe others, who stumble over this post, can profit from it:

    1.)  I added the CUSTOM CODE PLUGIN/THEME SKIP/BYPASS RULE in the appropriate section of BPS
    (the [S=21] needs to be adapted individually counting up the number of rules each user has):

    # Adminer MySQL management tool data populate
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/wp-content/plugins/wp-copy-data-protector/ [NC]
    RewriteRule . - [S=21]

    2.) I ftp-ed into my wordpress installation into to the plugins-directory and followed these steps.

    a) Open this page:
    b) search for below code:
    if (top.location != self.location) top.location.replace(self.location);
    c) Comment this code:
    //if (top.location != self.location) top.location.replace(self.location);

    now “Customize” page works fine and does not reload/cycle anymore

    AITpro Admin

    Great!  Thanks for posting this information.  We will also test this plugin.  It is this plugin correct?

    AITpro Admin

    Here is another problem that will occur with this plugin:

    I looked at the code of this plugin and it is not using standardized WordPress coding practices and is force loading its code directly into website pages using the wp_head action.  The reason this plugin is causing problems in the WordPress backend Admin area is because it does not have a condition to load ONLY on the frontend of a website.  It is loading everywhere – frontend and backend.

    The condition to only load plugin scripts on the frontend of a website and NOT in the WordPress Dashboard Admin area would be (this is just a general example):

    if ( ! is_admin ) {

    I have notified the plugin author of some coding changes that need to be made in this plugin:


    Yes, the URL you provided is the correct one of the plugin.

    As for the stated problem with the image edit icons: I cannot second that, I did upgrade to WP 4.0 and I can still see the pencil and the delete “x” on any images I have inserted in posts and pages. Maybe, this is due to the two configuration changes I made (see above)?

    Thank you for your help and for testing the plugin and informing the author about necessary changes!!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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