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    Email Question:

    Dear BPS team,

    Our company has multiple sites for which we were planning to buy the BPS Pro plugin, however, the confusing part for us is about the plugin’s backup and restore option for the multiple sites.

    So, as We checked your prices, the plugin can be used on multiple sites after the payment of $ 69.95 (By paying 69.95 dollars of lifetime price, we would be able to use the plugin on all our sites). Is it accurate?

    Second, the backup and restore option, Does the software support multiple site backup? If so, where does it give the option to save the backup file?

    Third, Would I be able to restore a single site our of many if I want to? or it will have restore all the sites at once?

    Thank you for your support!

    AITpro Admin


    BPS Pro is a security plugin that includes a DB Backup feature as an additional feature to quickly backup and fix database issues.  BPS Pro does not include a file backup feature.  All of your content (Posts, Pages, Option Settings, etc) is saved in your WordPress database.  Your WP database content is very important and not easily replaceable.  WP files (WP Core, Plugins and Themes) are the framework, which call and display your WordPress database content and are easily replaceable.

    If you have multiple websites and want to manage them from one place then I recommend getting the ManageWP plugin.  It is a remote management plugin for WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes.  ManageWP does full website backups and will allow you to schedule backups for all of your websites from one management panel.

    BPS Pro has a one time cost of $69.95 and has an unlimited license as long as you are following the BPS Pro licensing agreement.

    BulletProof Security Pro Licensing Info:

    BulletProof Security Pro Software License

    The BulletProof Security Pro license does not have a limitation on the number of websites, website domains and website hosting accounts that you can install BulletProof Security Pro on, as long as these websites, website domains and website hosting accounts are either owned directly by you, supported directly by you or managed directly by you on an ongoing basis. Please read the BulletProof Security Pro Software License before purchasing BulletProof Security Pro.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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