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    Dave Buettler

    The security topic is very complicated, even after reading many articles & webpages. Sorry for my beginner-questions:


    I bought BBQ Pro and as I’ve read it doesn’t cover anything. Does it makes sense to combien BBQ Pro with Bulletproof PRO? I want to buy Bulletproof anyway for another website, as I understood it seems to offer a quite good protection, so that I don’t need any other security plugins for good (not perfect) security.

    Or is there a reason to combine Bulletproof PRO with BBQ Pro?


    I already bought “Hide my WP Ghost“, but this is not compatible with Bulletproof, as I’ve read. But I also read that I don’t need “Hide my WP Ghost” with Bulletproof PRO anway…

    AITpro Admin

    1. BBQ Pro does offer a decent amount of website security protection, but yeah BPS Pro offers that same website security protection plus additional security features >

    2.  Some “hiding” plugins can be made to work with BPS Pro, but it would require a more complex setup. ie you might not be able to use some features in a “hiding” plugin in order for BPS Pro security features to work correctly.  In any case, “hiding” is not really considered security.  Obfuscation (hiding) in general is a good thing.  Consider sites like Google, PayPal, etc. that use real website security protection instead of trying to hide anything.  😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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