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    Hi there! After activating BulletProof Security Pro I have just a blank screen! No options available, all BulletProof Security pages are blank, please help!!!

    Hello,I have checked the API Server Logs and I see that you are entering in an invalid BulletProof Security Pro Activation Key.  You Activation Key is missing a dot (.) on the end of your Activation Key. Please go to Activation page and type in a dot (.) and then click the Save Key button. Thank you.

    >>>>>>>>>>> Activation Key Does Not Match Domain - [11/07/2012 2:01 PM] <<<<<<<<<<<
    HTTP_USER_AGENT: xxxxxxxarray ( 'Invalid_Activation_Key' => 'xxxxxxxxxxx',)

    BulletProof Security Pro automated Activation Key email:
    By clicking the Get Key button on the BulletProof Security Pro Activation page you are sending a request for an Activation Key to the AITpro API Server. The AITpro API Server processes that request and auto-generates your encrypted Activation Key for your website and sends you this automated email below.

    BPS Pro Activation Keys are website specific. This BPS Pro Activation Key will only activate BPS Pro on the website specified below. If you have several websites use the Get Key button on each website to get your Activation Key for each website. This ensures that your Activation Key is unique to your website and cannot be used on another website, as well as preventing piracy.

    Copy and paste the entire Activation Key including any dots ( . ) if your Activation Key contains dots.

    BPS Pro Activation Key: xxxxxxxxxxxx
    For Website: xxxxxxxxxx

    After activating BPS Pro go to the S-Monitor page and take a look at the Whats New menu tab.

    The BulletProof Security Pro license does not have a limitation on the number of websites, website domains and website hosting accounts that you can install BulletProof Security Pro on, as long as these websites, website domains and website hosting accounts are either owned directly by you, supported directly by you or managed directly by you on an ongoing basis.

    AITpro does not display, expose or share your public, personal or private information with anyone unless court ordered or required by legal process. All public, personal and private data is encrypted and cannot be accessed publicly. AITpro does not SPAM under any circumstances.Thank you for choosing BPS Pro!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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