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    Lisa Robertson

    I’m unable to access the backend of my site and I’m sure that it’s the plugin preventing me.  I’ve probably messed up the set up of the plugin and causing some conflict. The site is in maintenance mode but I’m unable to bring up the login screen. It happened when the site logged me out due to idle activity and I’ve been unable to log in since then. I’ve deleted my .htaccess files in the root and the wp-admin but still no good. The site is

    AITpro Admin

    I looked at the Source Code of the Maintenance Mode page and it does not tell me which Maintenance Mode plugin this is.  It is definitely not the BPS Maintenance Mode page/code/feature.  Use FTP or your web host control panel file manager and rename the plugin folder for whichever maintenance mode plugin this is.  Example:  /wp-content/plugins/some-maintenance-mode-plugin/ and rename the plugin folder to /_some-maintenance-mode-plugin.  That should get you back into your site and then you can try to figure out what is wrong with the plugin or just delete it via FTP.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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