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    The BPS Security Log entries are created using the htaccess ErrorDocument directive code in the root htaccess file.  BPS Pro Plugin Firewall AutoPilot Mode checks the BPS Security Log file contents for any blocked frontloading plugin script errors and automatically creates Plugin Firewall whitelist rules based on those Security Log entries.  Since you are not using a Root htaccess file then that is why you are not seeing any other Security Log entries being logged.  If you are using the BPS Pro Plugin and using the BPS Pro Plugin Firewall feature then you will need to manually create whitelist rules for any frontloading plugin scripts that are being blocked. The simplest way to check for plugin scripts that are being blocked and need to be whitelisted in the Plugin Firewall whitelist text area is to use the Google Chrome Developers Tool > click on the Console tab > then navigate your website and click on all the main pages. ie Contact Form page, Gallery page, etc.  You will see 403 errors displayed in the Google Chrome Developers tool Console tab if any 403 errors are occurring. You would then grab the plugin’s js script path and add it in the BPS Pro Plugin Firewall whitelisting text area.


    Ok, thanks.

    I will keep this in mind.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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