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    The “Create Backup Jobs” accordion tab disappeared following recent WordPress Plugin upgrades that included the BulletProof Security Version 2.5 upgrade.
    Now, when I click on the “DB Backup” option under “BPS Security,” the only tabs present are: “DB Backup,” “DB Backup Log,” “DB Table Prefix Changer,” and “Help & FAQ”
    There were two Manual Backup Jobs and the last backup was run on Sept. 19th (Log excerpt follows):

    [Backup Job Logged: September 19, 2017 1:00 PM]
    Backup Job Name: DB_Backup_09-09-14
    Backup Job Type: Manual
    Email DB Backup: Manual
    Backup Job Completion Time: 11.63 Seconds
    Peak Memory Usage: 34.88MB|35,719KB
    Initial Memory in Use: 10.95MB|11,212KB
    Total Memory Used: 23.93MB|24,506KB
    Zip Backup File Name: /data/27/1/143/1/1632816/user/1760104/htdocs/wp-content/bps-backup/backups_dRnTV0Y73v9EO06/2017-09-19-time-1-00-13-pm.zip

    Without access to that tab I’m not able to run backups! I’ve searched through site logs, but have not found anything that helps me resolve this issue. It could be a plugin conflict, but I’ve no clue…

    Thanks for any help you can provide,
    david appel, WPKN, web admin

    AITpro Admin

    There are a couple of possible causes for that.  New accordion CSS code was created to hide accordion tabs until they are fully initialized.  So either this is a caching problem and your Browser cache needs to be cleared/deleted or another plugin is loading its CSS code in BPS plugin pages and interfering with/breaking BPS CSS code.  Try clearing/deleting your Browser cache and then try deactivating all other plugins and check the DB Backup page again.

    AITpro Admin

    We have now seen this on a few more websites.  After investigating the problem on those sites, the root cause of the problem is other poorly coded plugins and themes loading their CSS and js scripts in BPS plugin pages and breaking BPS plugin js functionality and CSS visual display.  Unfortunately this is a very common problem that occurs in many poorly coded plugins and themes and has been occurring for years now.  We will have to revert to older dumbed down BPS code that is much less sophisticated/advanced and which will negatively impact BPS visually, but will allow BPS to function “normally” (as well as can be expected even though other poorly coded plugins and themes will continue to break BPS visually).  The only real solution would be that other poorly coded plugin and theme authors would need to fix their bad/broken code, but that typically never happens.  So we will need to release new versions of BPS and BPS Pro and revert any new sophisticated/advanced CSS and js code back to dumbed down code in order to accomodate poorly coded plugins and themes so that BPS and BPS Pro are not completely broken by them.  This is a very aggravating situation for everyone involved, but it is the best possible “solution” since we know from years of experience that attempting to get other poorly coded plugin and theme authors to fix their junk code will never happen. 😉

    Please go to the BPS System Info page > click the Get Plugins List button > copy and paste the list of plugins that you have installed.  There is a range of problems caused by poorly coded plugins such as not equeueing scripts using standard WP coding methods and other various bad coding methods used by poorly coded plugins.  We believe the only realistic approach/method left to try is to move all BPS js and CSS code inline in BPS plugin pages themselves.  So we would like to find as many poorly coded plugins as possible in order to test and ensure this approach/method will work in all cases.


    As requested on 09/26/17 here a list of the current plugins installed for WPKN.org WordPress.

    NOTE: the WP Clone by WP Academy plugin was added 09/20/17, after BPS:Backup tab was no longer available to me.

    Get Plugins List (09/26/17)
    Akismet Anti-Spam 4.0 – Activated: akismet/akismet.php
    BulletProof Security 2.6 – Activated: bulletproof-security/bulletproof-security.php
    Captcha 4.3.6 – Activated: captcha/captcha.php
    Comet Cache 170220 – Deactivated: comet-cache/comet-cache.php
    Contact Form 7 4.9 – Activated: contact-form-7/wp-contact-form-7.php
    Contact Form 7 Datepicker 2.6.0 – Activated: contact-form-7-datepicker/contact-form-7-datepicker.php
    Featured Link Image 1.5 – Activated: featured-link-image/featured-link-image.php
    Google Analytics 2.1.3 – Activated: googleanalytics/googleanalytics.php
    Google Map Shortcode 3.1.2 – Deactivated: google-map-shortcode/google-map-shortcode.php
    Google Maps Widget 3.151 – Activated: google-maps-widget/google-maps-widget.php
    jQuery Updater 3.2.1 – Activated: jquery-updater/jquery-updater.php
    Limit Attempts by BestWebSoft 1.1.9 – Activated: limit-attempts/limit-attempts.php
    Limit Login Attempts 1.7.1 – Deactivated: limit-login-attempts/limit-login-attempts.php
    Meta Slider 3.5.1 – Activated: ml-slider/ml-slider.php
    No Page Comment 1.2 – Activated: no-page-comment/no-page-comment.php
    Really Simple CAPTCHA 2.0.1 – Activated: really-simple-captcha/really-simple-captcha.php
    Regenerate Thumbnails 2.3.1 – Activated: regenerate-thumbnails/regenerate-thumbnails.php
    Safe Redirect Manager 1.7.8 – Activated: safe-redirect-manager/safe-redirect-manager.php
    Simple Back To Top 1.0 – Activated: simple-back-to-top/backtotop.php
    Simple Custom CSS 3.3 – Activated: simple-custom-css/simple-custom-css.php
    The Events Calendar 4.6 – Deactivated: the-events-calendar/the-events-calendar.php
    The Events Calendar PRO 3.11.1 – Deactivated: events-calendar-pro/events-calendar-pro.php
    Theme Authenticity Checker (TAC) 1.5.3 – Activated: tac/tac.php
    Theme Check 20160523.1 – Activated: theme-check/theme-check.php
    Theme Downloader 1.1.1 – Activated: theme-downloader/theme-downloader.php
    TinyMCE Advanced 4.6.3 – Activated: tinymce-advanced/tinymce-advanced.php
    Video Thumbnails 2.12.3 – Deactivated: video-thumbnails/video-thumbnails.php
    Viper’s Video Quicktags 6.6.0 – Deactivated: vipers-video-quicktags/vipers-video-quicktags.php
    WooCommerce 3.1.2 – Activated: woocommerce/woocommerce.php
    WooCommerce Colors 1.0.6 – Deactivated: woocommerce-colors/woocommerce-colors.php
    WooCommerce Helper 1.7.2 – Deactivated: woothemes-updater/woothemes-updater.php
    WooCommerce Sage Payments USA Gateway 2.0.1 – Activated: woocommerce-gateway-sage-usa/woocommerce-gateway-sageusa.php
    WordPress Importer 0.6.3 – Activated: wordpress-importer/wordpress-importer.php
    WP-PageNavi 2.92 – Activated: wp-pagenavi/wp-pagenavi.php
    *WP Clone by WP Academy 2.2.4 – Activated: wp-clone-by-wp-academy/wpclone.php
    WP Email Capture 3.3.2 – Deactivated: wp-email-capture/wp-email-capture.php
    Wp Pagenavi Style 1.4 – Activated: wp-pagenavi-style/wp-pagenavi-style.php

    Must-Use Plugins:
    BPS MU Tools 2.0 – Installed: bps-mu-tools.php

    Thank you for the prompt follow-ups, and your assistance with this issue,
    david appel

    AITpro Admin

    @ david – Very much appreciated!  I think the only route left for us to try is to add redundant js and CSS inline code directly in BPS plugin pages.  This will unfortunately significantly increase BPS plugin page sizes and the size of the BPS plugin overall, but if it prevents other poorly coded plugins and themes from wrecking BPS functionally and visually then it is an acceptable solution. 😉

    We will be releasing BPS 2.7 shortly, which has been reverted to the old dumbed down BPS js and CSS code that we have been forced to use for years now, but at least things will work correctly in BPS even though visually the BPS plugin pages will probably be trashed by other poorly coded plugins and themes.

    Using jQuery is kind of problematic in general in a shared type of environment like WordPress due to the way the jQuery CSS code is generic.  You really cannot do any namespace stuff with jQuery CSS because of how jQuery CSS was designed and how it applies itself en masse.  So it is easy for us to understand why so many plugin and theme authors are not aware of that common jQuery CSS issue and do not create the additional code that is needed to keep jQuery CSS and js from applying itself everywhere.


    Thank you AITpro Admin for your attention to this issue.

    I wanted you to know that my Manual Backup Jobs are available again even before installing the BPS 2.7 update, and I’m able to run Backup again- Thank you! I don’t know why that is, but I’m grateful and glad I can do these procedures prior to doing the plugin update.


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