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    Now I «have» upgraded BPS to the latest ver, but :   Here is the steps I have done in BPS BEFORE upgrade:
    Unlocked root htaccess file Turned ARQ off Then I manually uploaded and installed a zip file and I got a message that install was successful and the zip file is auto deleted

    BUT after this procedure, I saw that under plugins that BPS have a ver 5.6 the latest one.. The problem is that I have not received any new “click here” procedures at all….   PS: I have not turned off the firewall for plugin as I will use it as well… Therefore I turned off the ARQ only…   Why this happened ? shell I try to run the installation again or ? I also tried the upgrade it via WP plugin upgrade, but the same happened .. I could not see any new “click here” links as described in Your video tutorial   Thank You Best regards Amel     Amel

    AITpro Admin

    BPS Pro upgrades are one-click from within the WordPress Dashboard just like any other plugin update/upgrade.  The only difference is the BPS Pro zip file is installed from the AITpro API Server and not from the WordPress Downloads Server.

    You will receive an upgrade/udate notification in your WordPress Dashboard just like any other plugin.  You can also force an upgrade check by clicking the Manual Upgrade Check link on the WordPress Plugins page under the BulletProof Security Pro plugin.

    You do not need to do a manual upload zip installation to upgrade BPS Pro.
    You do not need to unlock your root .htaccess file.  The root .htaccess file is automatically unlocked by BPS Pro during the upgrade.

    There are no new options/features to setup in the upgrade from BPS Pro 5.5 to 5.6.  The new options/features do not require any action on your part and are completely automatically installed/configured/created, etc.  When new options or features are added that require an action on your part then you will see a pop up alert notifying you of what needs to be done.

    BPS Pro 5.6 focused on finalizing the Plugin Firewall and a new Plugin Firewall Test Mode was added to make whitelisting and testing the Plugin Firewall much simpler.  You can click on the BPS Pro Whats New Menu link to see what is new in each version release of BPS Pro.

    Also a Whats New post is created on the AITpro Blog site for each version release of BPS Pro.

    BPS Pro Version Releases are now being posted here:

    BulletProof Security Pro Video Tutorials:


    I see the point and I understand what You mean.
    Thank You very much for such a great and detailed explanation.
    Best regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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