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    Chad Barnes

    I get the following error every time BPS updates. “BPS Alert! Your site does not appear to be protected by BulletProof Security

    What should I do? Here is my information:
    Server Type: Apache
    Operating System: Linux
    Server API: cgi-fcgi – Your Host Server is using CGI.Thank you for your help.

    AITpro Admin

    Oops I forgot to set BuddyPress to notify me when new Topics are posted. Sorry about getting back to you so late.

    Go to the BPS htaccess File Editor Tab page and click on the Your Current Root htaccess File tab.  Does your Root .htaccess file look ok?  You can compare and check your current Root .htaccess file by clicking back and forth between the secure.htaccess tab and Your Current Root htaccess File tab.  If your Root .htaccess file looks different then the secure.htaccess file then post your Root .htaccess file in your reply.  Thanks.

    Chad Barnes

    Thank you for the response.  They look different.  This is “Your Current Root htaccess File.”

    #   BULLETPROOF .47.4 >>>>>>> SECURE .HTACCESS
    # If you edit the  BULLETPROOF .47.4 >>>>>>> SECURE .HTACCESS text above
    # you will see error messages on the BPS Security Status page
    # BPS is reading the version number in the htaccess file to validate checks
    # If you would like to change what is displayed above you
    # will need to edit the BPS /includes/functions.php file to match your changes
    # If you update your WordPress Permalinks the code between BEGIN WordPress and
    # END WordPress is replaced by WP htaccess code.
    # BEGIN WordPress
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule . /index.php [L]
    # END WordPress
    # This removes all of the BPS security code and replaces it with just the default WP htaccess code
    # To restore this file use BPS Restore or activate BulletProof Mode for your Root folder again.
    # BEGIN W3TC Browser Cache
    W3TC .htaccess code to END
    AITpro Admin

    Ok your current root .htaccess file says version .47.4 and not .47.5 so it does not appear that the automatic file update occurred for some reason.  Also “Your Current Root htaccess File” does not contain any BPS security filters.  Do these steps below and let me know what happens.

    1. Go to the BPS Security Modes page and click the Root Folder BulletProof Mode Activate button.
    2. Go to the htaccess File Editor page and look at “Your Current Root htaccess File” again.
    Does your root .htaccess file now contain the BulletProof Security filters?

    Chad Barnes

    Thank you for the fast response. That seems to have worked. I’ll let you know if the next upgrade throws it off. Thanks, again.

    AITpro Admin

    Thanks for confirming all is well.  

    Yep finally got a handle on BuddyPress and bbPress.  😉  I am very impressed with this Forum Software/Platform and after a few days I think i have it all dialed in.  😉  I had to do some custom configurations to get all the functionality i wanted, but overall pretty darn simple to get everything up and running right out of the box in a matter of a couple days.

    There are a few things that can cause the BPS upgrade not to automatically update your htaccess files such as the cPanel Broken HotLink Protection Tool, or another plugin is automatically wiping out the BPS security code, or maybe just a Server hiccup randomly occurred and a couple of other possible things here >>> http://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/read-me-first-free/

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