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    Hmm looks like i get to try out my new Prototype Anti-Comment Spam plugin (JTC Anti-Spam) on BuddyPress.  Massive Group Spam comments are completely bypassing Akismet (actually Akismet does not check BuddyPress Groups so no wonder spammers splog Groups). I have been using the Prototype on the AITpro standard WordPress sites and it is 100% effective and blocks all Spammers so I assume it will be just as effective with BuddyPress – yeah a new challenge – Love it.  I will be disabling registering and posting for a little while to get my new Prototype plugin in place – ETA 2 hours.

    After looking around the Internet it appears the Spammers target the Groups feature in BuddyPress.  Looks like Group Creation should be turned off in Settings >>> BuddyPress >>> Settings >>> Group Creation >>> Enable group creation for all users.  I’ll give this a whirl and see what happens next.  Will still be implementing my new Prototype Anti-Comment Spam plugin, but it appears that additional coding work would need to be done for it to be able to filter out Group Spam.  Registration and posting is re-enabled.

    FYI – you do not need to delete the Spam Groups and can just delete the Spam User account and then choose delete all posts associated with that Loser.

    After 5 hours no new Group Spam has been posted so simply turning off Enable group creation for all users takes care of the numb nut Group Spammers.

    Note:  This Topic was created from an old Blog post dated November 7, 2012

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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