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    After installing bulletproof security I was unable to create new nextgen galleries. It starts uploading a file, comes to 100% and says 0 images uploaded. (console gives 400 bad request error)..

    I have disabled and removed bullet proof plugin, disabled and re-enabled nextgen gallery but the problem still persists. What I am asking is:

    Does bulletproof plugin do anything other than creating root and wp-admin .htaccess files and locking them? Does it do anything permanent to the php files or database? Would removing the plugin be enough to get the system back to its original state?

    Bulletproof looks like a great plugin and it has really nice support but it seems I won’t be able to use it due to this nextgen problem. Thank you.

    AITpro Admin

    I believe this is the known flush_rewrite_rules problem explained in the link below.  This is the only known issue between BPS and Nextgen.  With BPS Pro and Nextgen there are Plugin Firewall whitelist rules that need to be added for the Nextgen plugin.

    By using the BPS Removal steps below, BPS is completely removed from a website:

    BPS removal steps:

    Uninstall Options
    1. An Uninstall Options link is located on the WordPress Plugins page under the BulletProof Security plugin.
    2. Clicking the Uninstall Options link loads a jQuery UI Dialog Form with 2 BPS plugin uninstall options.
    3. If you are upgrading to BPS Pro, select the BPS Pro Upgrade Uninstall option and click the Save Option button or just click the Close button below and do a normal plugin uninstall.
    4. If you want to completely delete the BPS plugin, all files, Custom Code and BPS database settings, select the Complete BPS Plugin Uninstall option and click the Save Option button.


    Thank you, it turns out problem was related to varnish proxy server configurations. Sorry for the confusion.

    AITpro Admin

    Thanks for posting the cause of the issue as it may help someone else to isolate where the problem is occurring.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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