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    AITpro Admin

    Email Question:


    I am considering purchasing your Pro software for me and our clients and I have a few questions.

    1) Is your Pro package a complete security solution or am I suppose to use it in conjunction with other programs?
    2) Does it provide real time scanning or at least weekly scanning and alert me if there are issues? Maybe a weekly report?
    3) Does it have a backup and restore function for the whole site? I need to be able to make complete site backups once a month in case of an emergency.
    4) Almost everyone is on a shared server. Does this plugin add additional load? Does it have scripts that run and might cause an issue for a shared server?
    5) How do you compare with wordfence, website defender, wp vault, and wp security? This might seem like a wide open question, but do you have a comparison chart or some insight?


    AITpro Admin

    1.  Yes, at this stage of Development BulletProof Security Pro is a complete website security solution and new additional website security features will continue to be added in future versions of BulletProof Security Pro.  The next new feature that will be added to BulletProof Security pro is Login Protection once development/completion of the Plugin Firewall is finalized in BPS Pro 5.6.

    2.  Yes, BulletProof Security Pro has real-time monitoring – AutoRestore/Quarantine, Security Logging, HTTP Error Logging, PHP Error Logging, etc etc etc.  We will be adding a simple website scanner as well at some point, but scanners are not a very effective type of website security method so this will be added as an additional tool feature.  Scanners work great for Computer Security because you only have one point of entry.  Scanners do not work well as a security measure for website security because there are many points of entry and they are very easily beaten/bypassed/fooled and of course hidden backdoor hacker files are undetectable by scanners.

    3.  No, at this point we have not added Backup and Recovery, but this is on the table as a proposed new feature down the road.  Since there are many Backup and Recovery plugins that are very comprehensive the debate for us has been do we divert our attention from website security to disaster recovery or do we continue to keep moving forward with only website security.  Most likely once we have acheived all of our website security goals for BulletProof Security Pro then we will focus our attention in the area of disaster recovery and create a simplified Backup and Recovery feature.  Trying to create a Backup and Recovery solution as comprehensive as those that already exist would be kind of a silly thing to do.

    4.  BulletProof Security Pro is built for speed.  Goal #1 is maximum security.  Goal #2 is maximum performance optimization.  BulletProof Security Pro uses very little Server Resources and Memory.  It took 2 months of coding work to create AutoRestore / Quarantine – it took an additional 3 months of coding work to get it performance optimized to meet our goals.

    5.  We do not have a side-by-side comparison and only have a BulletProof Security Features list below that compares BPS Free to BPS Pro:


    Here is a general summary to somewhat answer the question.  BulletProof Security Pro is has a lot of security features that no other website security plugin has so it makes it difficult to do any kind of side-by-side comparison.  

    Website Defender and WP Security Scan are both the same plugin created by Website Defender.  Wordfence is primarily a scanning plugin with additional features such as Login Protection.  WP Vault is primarily a Backup and Recovery plugin / Disaster Recovery plugin.

    There are other website security plugins that have file monitoring, but no other website security plugin has fully automated AutoRestore and Quarantine capability.

    We have found through research that website scanning is not the most effective method of website security protection.  I think scanners are great and a very useful tool, so don’t get me wrong there, but it is well known that if a hacker uploads backdoor hacker scripts that are undetectable by a scanner to your website then there is not a website scanner that exists that will be able to find those hidden backdoor hacker files.  So ideally you would use a scanner in a way to find obvious hacker files and then at that point you would want to do a full restore of your website from a backup since it is well known that scanners have the limitation of not being able to detect/find hackers hidden backdoor files.

    I want to share this personal experience where BulletProof Security Pro protected the AITpro.com websites from a very dumb mistake that I made.

    I log into websites all the time to setup or fix BPS Pro issues or problems and one of those sites that I logged into was hacked.  I just happened to have an FTP connection open on my computer that I forgot to close.  The hacker grabbed my Browser Session info which contained my FTP login info in it.  The hacker then uploaded several hacker Shell script files – The WSO Shell hacker script was one of them – via FTP to the AITpro.com site.  AutoRestore/Quarantine quarantined the hacker files immediately and I was alerted immediately of the breach and I changed the FTP password as fast as I could.  In the 5 minutes it took me to change the FTP password the hacker repeatedly attempted to upload files.  AutoRestore/Quarantine automatically quarantined all of those hacker files and the website hack was completely contained and prevented within 5 minutes.

    Personally I feel the BulletProof Security Pro is truly amazing.

    Best Regards,

    Ed Alexander 
    Senior Software Engineer

    AITpro Admin

    Email Question:

    Would we need any other security plug in? Many people say that in order to ensure the safety of a website, more than one plug in is required. I have added 3 other plug in, but by the look of what you are offering, I feel that I may not need all of them as it is taking resources away from my site…

    Thank you and I am looking forward in hearing from you.

    I am no whiz when it comes to php and so on so please bear with me. You hear so many things today, that I just want to hear from the source.

    AITpro Admin

    You would need a Login Protection plugin and a Backup and Restore plugin in addition to BPS Pro to completely cover all your website security and Disaster Recovery bases.  BPS Pro 5.7 will have Login Protection.

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