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    Roger MacRae

    I am a fan of bulletproof security and really want it to be the only security plugin that I use. Today I was sent an email about WP Site Guardian and it is reporting that it is more secure than Bulletproof Security by far. Is what WP Site Guardian saying true? Or it is all just hype as is so often the case? Here is their url [URL removed – we do not allow scam/scammer URL’s in the Forum]

    AITpro Admin

    The statements the WP Site Guardian plugin creators, Chris Hitman and Michael Thomas, are making about all WordPress security plugins are obviously sales scare tactics to get you to purchase the WP Site Guardian plugin.  The WP Site Guardian site looks like a classic cookie cutter scam website.  They are using a classic scare/fear tactics type of hard sell to scare people into buying their plugin by telling them that their websites are not really protected if they are using any other WordPress security plugins except their plugin.  If you look around the Internet and connect the dots you will see that they are currently making a massive marketing campaign effort (both Splash Sites and Email) and have created several personal websites where they are reviewing their own plugin.  All of the websites are Landing page/Splash sites without any other “real” content except for their reviews about their own plugin.

    So if the WP Site Guardian plugin creators are lying about their claims about all other WordPress security plugins not really working then ask yourself what else are they lying about.  I cannot speak for other WordPress security plugins, but BPS obviously does work.  😉

    If the WP Site Guardian plugin creators want to get any credibility for their plugin at all they would need to create a free version and upload it to the WordPress Plugin Repository just like every other respected WordPress plugin author/creator has done.  In my personal opinion, WP Site Guardian will never gain any popularity or traction and will just disappear into obscurity.  ie flash in the pan.  Everything about the WP Site Guardian plugin appears to be a complete scam.

    On a personal note, why is it that all scam/scammer websites look the same?  Is there some kind of scam/scammer website “kit” out there or something?  You would think scammers would realize that most people can recognize a scam website right away because they all look very similar to each other.  Wierd.

    UPDATE:  I have now received over 100 emails regarding this.  All of these folks were sent email marketing emails.  I think I only need to point out these 2 telltale things about scams in general to put people’s minds at ease.

    1.  If something sounds too good to be true then it probably is.  ie scam emails about winning the lottery or claiming some lost bank account money.  In general, greed tactics are a very common method used by scammers to get you to fall for these scams.

    2.  If you feel fearful, scared or worried after reading something in an email then ask yourself why you feel that fear.  Is it because someone you know and trust has told you something or is it because someone you do not know has told you something?  Obviously if someone you do not know and trust has told you something then it may or may not be true.  ie do not believe everything you hear and check/cross reference whatever information you are being told for yourself before you believe any of it.  In general, fear/scare tactics are a very common method used by scammers to get you to buy scam products or services.

    Bonus:  I have some swampland in Florida to sell if anyone is interested. LOL  🙂

    Chris Moon

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    Don’t know if your aware of the security plugin WP Site Gaurdian which is showing a comparison table where BPS fails all the tests WP Site Gaurdian claim to pass.

    AITpro Admin

    @ Chris Moon – WP Site Guardian is a scam.


    WP Site Guardian is just a basic php security plugin. BPS Pro uses advanced security config files, runs circles around other security tools.

    However they are marketing it thru an affiliate program, so you will most than likely receive a scary email about security from your local Internet Marketer that is trying to make money off the affiliate sales. Also more than likely you would see some guy selling it in the WarriorForum, jvzoo and other internet marketing sites.

    Typically they use a long one page “Sales Page” website with a Big Header with a Problem, solution paragraphs, features, knocking down the competition, comparison table, offers with different prices, special bonus for signing up. It suppose to offer a better conversion rate.

    They will sell some units and maybe offer updates for about a year and afterwards it will become abandon ware and they will stop answering emails and release updates. Make some money, leave and move on to selling another wordpress plugin.

    Normally plugins are part of the WordPress repo, CodeCanyon.

    Phil Yonge

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    I came across a sales page for a security plugin which has a video showing that BPS was completely ineffective against a live hack demonstration.  The hack simply involved pasting some code into the wordpress comment section and that was enough to create the hack.

    The plugin is being sold on a network that sells a lot of dubious products.  The video is also one year old.

    Please can you comment on BPS being completely ineffective towards this alleged hack.  If it is a genuine hack would this problem extend to BPS Pro that I have purchased.

    The sales page is below.  Many thanks in advance if you can comment please.

    Scammer link nulled – we do not allow scam/scammer URL’s in the Forum: http://wplus.wpsiteguardian.com/

    AITpro Admin

    @ Phil Yonge – Yep, WP Site Guardian is a scam plugin created by scammers.  Looks like they are trying to scam innocent victims for Christmas again this year.  See the beginning of this forum topic.

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