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    when i am trying to activate the plugin, i get a fatal error:

    “Das Plugin kann nicht aktiviert werden, da es einen fatalen Fehler erzeugt.”

    translation “The plugin cannot be activated because it produces a fatal error.”

    the free version was working fine.  i probably fucked up something, as its almost always user errors, but i dont know where?!?

    i tried deactivating almost all other plugins before activating, without success.

    i do not get the bts pro activation notification at the top

    AITpro Admin

    This is a very common problem that occurs when using the WordPress Upload Zip installer (PclZip) for first time installations of BPS Pro (or other plugins as well).

    Issue/Problem: Fatal Errors when upgrading from BPS free to BPS Pro using the WordPress Upload Zip installer (PclZip).

    Solution (short version):  Use FTP or use your Web Host Control Panel File Manager and rename the /bulletproof-security1/ (bulletproof-security2, bulletproof-security3,…) plugin folder name back to just /bulletproof-security/ (removing any numbers that have been appended to the /bulletproof-security/ plugin folder name by PclZip). Go to the WordPress Plugins page and click the Activate link under BulletProof Security Pro plugin. In some cases you may only need to refresh/reload your Browser on the WordPress Plugins page to activate the BPS Pro plugin.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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