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    Email Question:

    I have 3 more questions if it’s ok:

    – I’ve added a file in my child theme to customize it. It’s been quarantined. I restored it several times but it keeps being quarantined. I reset the last update time but it’s only for DB, not for files. How am I supposed to do?

    – I have a lot of files being quarantined: cloner.php (joined is a screenshot) It was not the case before and I think it’s coming from this maintenance team that was backing up my website.
    I have stopped my contract with them, remove their access, remove their maintenance plugin. Is there another way to see if they still have any access/action on my website like this cloner.php being active?
    (not sure this is in the scope of this support, but asking in case it is).

    And on a personnal note: do you know any good company/person for ongoing maintenance for WordPress?! Really wanted to find help but what those guys did made me super affraid to trust anyone.

    Thanks a lot for your great support!

    AITpro Admin


    The Cloner issue is no longer occurring. This was an older left over issue/problem. There are no other Administrator user accounts on your website. So the previous “tech” would only be able to login with your Administrator user account.

    Files in Quarantine:
    You have an nginx server type so you cannot use/create an nginx.conf file in your hosting account folder > /var/www/vhosts/

    You would need to edit your server’s nginx.conf file and add the W3TC nginx code in the server’s nginx.conf file.
    Nginx does not offer or have any frontloading configuration files.

    I assume this is an older issue since you are now using WP Rocket instead of W3TC.

    I have deleted all the old quarantined files in Quarantine since they are left over from older issues/problems.

    If you are going to manually edit, modify or upload files to your website use the AutoRestore|Quarantine Standard Procedural Steps when manually modifying files >

    It appears that you manually edited the BuddyBoss Child theme index.php file and it was quarantined. Double check that your edits are in your index.php file.

    [BPS Pro 15.9: wp-content File Quarantine Logged: 23/10/2021 8h36] 
    Quarantined Filename: index.php 
    Quarantine Path: /var/www/vhosts/
    Restore Path: /var/www/vhosts/

    Logged out of your site now.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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