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    Good Morning.

    I am Web Master for and have a problem with galleries not displaying to the public but working ok to ADMIN.

    I have been advised by 10Web support to contact you about a conflict between BPS (free) and Photo Gallery. I can confirm that dectivating BPS fixes the problem but I do not want to run the site without BPS and so it is re activated. 10Web response is below.

    Our development team has checked the problem on your website. They found that one of your plugins generates the following text upon each login:
    “Hover or click the text box below.”

    Most probably, this is from BulletProof Security plugin. As a result, it throws an error, which causes the issue in Photo Gallery plugin. Please have a look at this screencast.

    If you do not use BulletProof Security, please deactivate it to have Photo Gallery running properly. Alternatively, if you do use the plugin, please contact its support team and ask them to check the conflict.

    AITpro Admin

    Normally the BPS JTC-Lite CAPTCHA feature only loads on the WordPress Login, Registration, Lost Password and BuddyPress/bbPress login, etc. pages.  Since you are using the bbPress Sidebar Login Widget then JTC-Lite is being loaded on all of your website pages, which normally works fine as you can see from checking all of your other website pages that do not contain the Photo Gallery js, AJAX and CSS, etc. code.  I believe the issue is with this jQuery Fullscreen library code that the Photo Gallery plugin is using (see licensing information below). I think the root cause is this jQuery library code grabs the entire body of a website page and then processes the code of each website page. So my guess would be that the jQuery library code is grabbing the BPS JTC-Lite jQuery code and is trying to process it.  Unfortunately, at this time we have not included a JTC option to exclude individual website pages/URI’s/URL’s.  That is planned for a future version, but could be a long way off.  So your options are these:  Do not use JTC-Lite and turn it off by unchecking the Login Form checkbox option or do not use the bbPress Sidebar Login Widget or you could customize your Sidebar like we have done on our BuddyPress/bbPress Forum site and just use standard links to Login and Register/create an account on our site.

    * jQuery.fullscreen library v0.4.0
    * Copyright (c) 2013 Vladimir Zhuravlev
    * @license
    * Date: Wed Dec 11 22:45:17 ICT 2013


    Good Evening All.

    Problem solved! I have turned off JTC Lite within BPS and all Galleries are now visible to the public. Many thanks to AITpro Admin.

    Regards, BBMF

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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