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    Living Miracles


    A couple of days ago I started having an issue on some of my sites with updating plugins and themes. I’m currently unable to update plugins and themes on 10 of my sites. One example is This is a SiteGround-hosted site. When I try to update the plugin in the WordPress backend “Plugins” area I get an “Update Failed: error” message and also a “CRITICAL WARNING! BPS Pro AutoRestore is currently turned Off” from BPS Pro; when I try to do the update in the “WordPress Updates” area, the page loads but the plugins/themes don’t get updated and I get a “AutoRestore Automation Error” BPS Pro error and have to rerun the wizards. I also noticed that I’m unable to install any new plugins (I tried installing “Hello Dolly” just to test this because I wanted to see how many functions were actually not working); I can click the “Install Now” button in the “Add Plugins” area, but the page just reloads and the plugin doesn’t get installed.

    Any idea what’s happening here? Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you!

    AITpro Admin

    You have a few separate issues/problems going on.  The BPS critical warning and “AutoRestore Automation” error are FailSafe measures to prevent a more serious problem from occuring like files being accidentally quarantined. So you just need to run the Setup Wizards again to fix that issue/problem.  The other “Update Failed: error” is not related to or caused by BPS and typically means that you have some sort of connectivity problem with your host server to the WP API server. So you want to check things like your wp-config.php file to make sure you are not blocking communication to the WP API server. It could also have been just a temporary connectivity issue/problem, but what you need to look at is what might be preventing communcation with the WP API server. 😉

    Living Miracles

    Thanks so much!! I actually just figured out that there’s a bug in the “Monarch” plugin (made by Elegant Themes) which is breaking the WordPress updater. Thank you for your tips though; they definitely made me move in the right direction of figuring out the problem!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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