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    I just viewed your really helpful Custom Code video. Followed your instructions and managed to get everything working as expected – Thanks! I changed part of the BPSQSE BPS QUERY STRING EXPLOITS to make it so  my site would not give me a 403 error when trying to do wget from cron.  This worked great (now my wp-cron only fires once every 10 minutes, instead of every page visit).

    Question: How does this custom code survive updates to the next version of BPS?
    Specifically, if this area of the BPS code is changed in the next version, won’t I be stuck with my custom version and perhaps miss out on code that is in the latest version?
    Sorry if this has been covered before… I can’t find any mention of it.

    AITpro Admin

    Any code that you save to the Custom Code text boxes is permanently saved.  BPS does not change any Custom Code that you have added/created.  When you click the Activate buttons in the future your custom code is created in the .htaccess Master files and your currently activated htaccess files.  When BPS does automatic htaccess file updating during BPS upgrades any Custom Code or other customizations you have made to your .htaccess files is not modified/changed/altered.  If we make a significant change to any standard BPS code we will add a Dismiss Notice to alert folks about this and what to do next.

    We forgot to mention that in the Changelog for .49.6

    The new .htaccess code modifications/changes are done automatically during the BPS upgrade. No further action is required by you, unless you have previously copied the BPS Query String Exploits code to BPS Custom Code then you will see a Dashboard Notice with instructions on copying the new Root .htaccess Query String Exploits code to the BPS Custom Code Query String Exploits text box.


    Great, that’ll work for me. I’ve made a note in the notes section of my BPS as reminder. But it’s good to know that BPS will notify as you indicated. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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