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    AITpro Admin

    Email Question:


    Which of the following are safe to delete or clean in terms of reducing the size of the database (see below)? The options in each category in terms of action are: Optimize, Repair, Empty or Delete.

    I am asking, because I am frequently running into database disconnections. According to the hosting company, the database is too large in size.

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    Table Name                                      Rows       Type       Table Size
    [ ] vtb_akp_click_expire               271           InnoDB 16.0 KB
    [ ] vtb_akp_click_log                     272          InnoDB 16.0 KB
    [ ] vtb_akp_impressions_expire 852839   InnoDB 42560.0 KB
    [ ] vtb_akp_impressions_log       9335534 InnoDB 457680.0 KB
    [ ] vtb_bpspro_arq_exclude        11              InnoDB 16.0 KB
    [ ] vtb_bpspro_arq_quarantine  0               InnoDB 16.0 KB
    [ ] vtb_bpspro_db_backup          0               InnoDB 16.0 KB
    [ ] vtb_bpspro_dbm_monitor    0               InnoDB 32.0 KB
    [ ] vtb_bpspro_folder_lock         27             InnoDB 16.0 KB
    [ ] vtb_bpspro_login_security   13              InnoDB 16.0 KB

    AITpro Admin

    I assume the Table Sizes are actually Table Sizes and not the max capacity of the Tables themselves. The data format is not clear so I am not 100% what I am looking at. The BPS Pro Database Monitor > DB Status & Info tab page shows total Database size. The DB Monitor main tab page shows all database table sizes.

    Assuming the Table Sizes are accurate that you sent to me then this databas table below is very large:

    This database table is: 457MB
    vtb_akp_impressions_log 9335534 InnoDB 457680.0 KB

    The max database size allowed is usually 1000MB or 1GB.

    You probably do not want to delete (Drop) the database table and only want to use Empty, which deletes the data in a database table and not the entire database table. I would check with the “akp” plugin or theme author about this first. There may be a plugin/theme setting to flush/empty/delete the data in this database table.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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