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    We’re exploring ways to limit the CPU utilization on our SiteGround shared hosting account. SiteGround has suggested disabling or limiting the Heartbeat API. I’d like to try disabling it (in order to limit it, the only simple option seems to be using the Heartbeat Control plugin which hasn’t been updated in a year and doesn’t display as compatible with the current version of WordPress). I’ve done a bit of research and most articles offer warnings like this:

    “You may not be able to see real-time statistics and information if any of your installed plugins use the heartbeat API to update the content from your server.”

    So, can you tell me if BPS Pro uses the Heartbeat API in any way that might be affected if we were to disable it?

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    AITpro Admin

    BPS Pro does not use the Hearbeat API for anything.  The Hearbeat API is primarily designed for handling Post updates in real-time.  The link below has additional information about what the Heartbeat API is used for.

    Practical Examples of Heartbeat API

    Basically heartbeat API is used to perform routine tasks to provide real-time information and sync the data on the server and dashboard instantaneously.

    Below are some of the examples might help you in understanding the heartbeat API better:

    • Creation of periodic auto save and revisions when you create / edit posts in editor.
    • Real-time sales data on the dashboard by ecommerce plugins.
    • Used to show notification on the WordPress admin dashboard.
    • Shows the locking information of a post by other author. On multi-author sites when an author is editing a post, all other authors will see a message that the post is locked by other author.


    Living Miracles

    Perfect, thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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