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    Trying to eliminate the following alert:


    Believe that the information entered in HPF  Ignore Hidden Plugin Folders & Files, may be incorrect:


    AITpro Admin

    Your screenshots do not contain an image.  Copy and paste the HPF alert message and post it in your forum reply.


    Strange there were no images from the Lightshot links.


    BPS Hidden Plugin Folder|Files (HPF) Alert
    An unrecognized/non-standard WP file was found in your /plugins/ folder. This file may be a hacker file or contain hacker code. If you recognize this file and/or it is safe to ignore this file you can ignore this file check by adding the HPF Ignore Rule shown below in the Ignore Hidden Plugin Folders & Files textarea box option to make this Alert go away.

    File Path: /home3/abzutwoc/public_html/wp-content/plugins/default-to-gd-master (3).zip
    HPF Ignore Rule: default-to-gd-master (3).zip
    Last Modified Time: 30/08/2021 @ 13:48
    Last Change Time: 30/08/2021 @ 13:48
    Last Access Time: 30/08/2021 @ 13:48

    Ignore Hidden Plugin Folders & Files:
    Add Ignore rules using plugin folder names or file names.
    Use a comma and a space between folder and/or file names.
    Example: plugin-folder-name, example-file-name.php

    data entered in text box:

    /home3/abzutwoc/public_html/wp-content/plugins/default-to-gd-master (3).zip,
    default-to-gd-master (3).zip

    AITpro Admin

    HPF ignore rules are just a folder name or file name without a folder/file path.  Example: plugin-folder-name, example-file-name.php.  In this case there is whitespace/blank space in the file naming convention, which cannot be ignored since whitespace/blank space is not a valid PHP file naming convention.  You should not have any zip files in your /plugins/ folder.  So just delete the default-to-gd-master (3).zip file and any other zip files that you find under your /plugins/ folder.  The default-to-gd-master (3).zip file appears to have something to do with this plugin (Sets GD as default WP_Image_Editor class) that no longer exists > https://github.com/getsource/default-to-gd.


    Thanks. Deleted the zip file. Solved.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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