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    This Topic will be deleted if/when the coding mistakes are fixed.

    Things may of course change in the future if these were unintentional coding mistakes and they get fixed, but currently the Envision theme is what I call a Rogue Theme.  It loads its scripts everywhere throughout the backend of WordPress area Dashboard and wreaks havoc with all plugins that use jQuery.  This theme completely breaks BPS Pro and injects its code directly into BPS Pro pages and chops them off making the page appear blank unless you comment out the Rogue Envision Theme code.  The impact to the Envision Theme is justice – none of its jQuery Rogue code loads on its pages, rendering its pages flat, but functional.  The important thing is you are preventing this theme’s Rogue code from breaking everything else in the backend of your website.

    Simply wrapping the Rogue code with a condition that it only loads where it is supposed to be loading would work. It is quicker and simpler just to comment out Rogue coding work, but if you want jQuery functionality for the Envision Theme then this would be the method to use.

    if ( is_admin() && preg_match( '/page=page-where-scripts-should-load/', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], $matches) ) {

    Note:  I did not check for frontside/frontloading  jQuery coding mistakes/conflicts/collisions/injections and only checked backend jQuery collisions/breakage.

    The problems were not limited to only jQuery.  The TFLASH.php file is force loading divs, causing injections/collisions in a non-standard Rogue way.  This was probably the worst of coding work that I found

    /wp-content/themes/envision-parent/framework/helpers/TFLASH.php, line 122
    echo '<div class="tf-flash-messages">'. $success . $error . $info .'</div>';
    /wp-content/themes/envision-parent/framework/helpers/TFLASH.php, line 171
    echo '<div class="tf-flash-messages">';

    Overall I found this very strange for such a reputable Brand name as Themefuse.  Maybe they did not create this theme?  Maybe they sell themes created by other authors.  Very odd all in all.

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