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    I get this error. The error log file is not being emailed after it reached to 1 MB. I have set PHP Error Log File Email/Delete Log File:1 MB

    Earlier it was set to 500KB but had same issue.

    PHP Error Log File Size: 418807.5 KB
    The S-Monitor Email Logging options will only send log files up to 2MB in size.

    Copy and paste the PHP Error Log file contents into a Notepad text file on your computer and save it.
    Then click the Delete Log button to delete the contents of this Log file.

    AITpro Admin

    Yes, I already explained why that is happening on your Host/Server/Website in the email below that I sent you.

    The email:

    I have already looked at this problem on before.  Your Server is doing something that does not allow BPS Pro php error logging to work as it is supposed to work normally.  Your Host/Site/Server is the only case of this that I have ever seen..  This is something that would have to be fixed by your web host since it is a Server Problem.

    Here is what works and what does not work on your Host/Server/Website.

    Since your Host does not allow you to change the where the php error log is and you cannot use the BPS Pro normal error log location because your Host blocks/prevents that from being allowed then this is the ONLY php error log location that they allow on this Server.  BPS Pro can use this php error log, but what BPS Pro cannot do is zip and email this php error log automatically.  The reason for that is because the /tmp folder on your Server is a protected Server folder.  It can ONLY be viewed and not zipped or emailed.  So what this means is that you will have to manually delete this error log file from time to time.  It was 100MB when I checked it so I deleted it.



    That issue is no more exists now.Now the errors are being logged in custom log file.

    But its not being mailed and deleted.



    AITpro Admin

    Ok great you got your Host to fix the php error log path issue.  So what you will need to do now is delete this php error log and the next php error log should be sent to you successfully.  What happens is if error logs are way beyond the maximum size then BPS Pro will NOT zip them and email them to you to prevent several other problems that could occur by doing that.  The error log checks are done hourly so if for example the log file size exceeds 2MB in less than 1 hour then BPS Pro will not zip and email the php error log file to you.  You should set the max size to 500KB and not 1MB.  If your php error log file is logging errors at the rate of over 2 MB per hour then you will need to fix those issues with what is causing those php errors or you can of course just turn off php error logging.

    A normal php error log zip and email should happen once per week max for a standard WordPress website.

    For Network/Multisite WordPress sites a normal zip and email time frame could be daily since there are much more potential php errors with Network/Multisite installations since there are many more plugins and themes installed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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