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    This may  be a feature some others want but on some occasions with clients that had old WP sites that I would inherit needed updating I always wished there was a way to get notified via email or upon login of the website if a WP plugin was pulled from the WP Repository, or was no longer supported after X amount of days. For example a plugin that was on a few sites that some clients swear it is the best free anti spam plugin but is no longer in the WP Repository is called “WP-SpamShield “. It was the #2 spam plugin after Askimet but was pulled after some controversy between the owners of the plugin and Automattic. Once this was pulled no notification or alert was sent to some site owners. Years went by and they didn’t know until they hired me to assist them and update their sites.

    For example a plugins:

    Date of last update, Overall Rating, Number of Votes, WordPress version compatibility range, WordPress plugin repository status (i.e. in repository, removed from repository, never in repository), Schedule checks so that information is up to date without having to wait for plugin admin page to refresh, Email notifications when thresholds are first exceeded or when vulnerability discovered, Keep track of when a plugin was originally and most recently activated / deactivated.

    Note: I would be interested if any other BPS users would be interested in this? If so please comment. Thanks again for your hard work as BPS Pro is working well. AIT Admin, @f371905

    AITpro Admin

    I believe there are at least 2 WordPress plugins that generally do this stuff already.  I think your idea is a good idea, but honestly trying to keep track of what other plugins are doing, not doing, issues, problems, etc. etc. etc. would be a fairly monumental task that we would not want to take on.  😉  We are at the place with BPS Pro development where we consider BPS Pro a “completed” project.  Of course there are always things that can be improved upon/made better/etc.  The bottom line is that BPS Pro has a really impressive track record of protecting websites over the years.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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