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    AITpro Admin

    Email Question:

    Platform type: Debian
    I think I have the other info correct.
    host is ipower.com.
    After giving the plugin a few minutes to establish itself, all the admin pages that I temporarily lost access to are working. However, I have a lingering problem with a dead feed and am not sure how to troubleshoot it. Can you help me?
    Thanks so much,

    AITpro Admin

    I need some more information.  Please register to the Forum and post the answers to these questions below.

    Please post this information below that you will find on the BPS System Info page.

    Server Type: 
    Operating System: 
    Server API: 

    I see that your Server type is Nginx and BPS will work fine on Nginx as long as you have an Apache Server handling PHP.  This type of Server configuration would be Nginx on the frontend and Apache on the backend.  Once you post your System Info then I will be able to tell if there is a compatibility issue/problem.

    Please describe in as much detail as possible what you mean by “…lingering problem with a dead feed..”


    AITpro Admin

    Also I looked at your Feed and I am not a Feedburner expert, but something looks wrong about the way it is setup. To eliminate that BPS has anything to do with the problem do these basic troubleshooting steps.

    1. On the Security Modes page, click the Root Folder BulletProof Mode Deactivate button. See Custom Code Note if doing this step works.
    2. On the Security Modes page, click the wp-admin Folder BulletProof Mode Deactivate button. See Custom Code Note if doing this step works.
    3. If an issue/problem is related to Login Security turn Off Login Security on the Login Security & Monitoring page.
    4. If an issue/problem is related to ISL or ACE see this forum topic: http://forum.ait-pro.com/forums/topic/idle-session-logout-isl-and-authentication-cookie-expiration-ace/

    When trying to view your Feed with Google Chrome I see this error.

    This page contains the following errors:

    error on line 1 at column 20324: Opening and ending tag mismatch: encoded line 0 and scriptBelow is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

    AITpro Admin

    I think i see the problem.  Try deactivating this plugin – emoba-email-obfuscator-advanced and see if your Feed works.


    Yes, I think emoba (which I use to protect the emails of the bloggers I syndicate) was the culprit. I deactivated as you said, waited for the feed to register a change and after a while the posts did appear in the feed. I checked the post and it looked like there was an error when emoba tried to obfuscate a mailto: link, which usually works. I removed the href code and reactivated the plugin to see if it will continue working. Losing the email protection would be a tough compromise, but I can’t lose my feed! Thank you so much for YOUR plugin, and for your help in troubleshooting. Will your plugin also prevent spam new user registrations? I used SABRE with great success, but tossed it when people who were trying to register legitimately started having trouble. Managed to get by with no spam user registrations for a few months, but as of a week or two ago they’re back in force! Such a pain, and a massive waste of time to review and delete them…

    AITpro Admin

    You should check with the emoba creators and have them fix whatever the coding issue is.

    Yep Spammers are a royal pain and they either do not realize how much time and money they cost folks or they just don’t care.  We have created a solution that we use, but it is not ready for public use.  The anti-comment spam code is raw code and has not been turned into a “click here” solution so we cannot release it to the public.  It is on our list of things to get to, but we work on a priority basis and this feature has much lower priority.  Thanks.

    FYI – we used to get 60,000 spam comments per month.  In 3 months 4 comment spams have made it past our Anti-Comment Spam raw code.  😉


    Wow. Looking forward to using that when it’s ready for public use! I have a new problem I need to ask you about, but will post it in a new thread.

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