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    Paul D.

    Quick question

    I noticed that whenever i did some changes with BPS Pro exclude (dynamic or static files.. 2 different tabs in ARQ).. the Plugin firewall .htaccess that is  previously configured as part of the step(s) is not included when I tried to save wp-content files in ARQ.

    Question : whats the step regarding plugin whitelisting/plugin firewall in relation to ARQ save “Backup” process ? Can we save ARQ and then save/configure Firewall Whitelisting even if ARQ is “On” ?



    AITpro Admin

    There is no relation between ARQ and the Plugin Firewall.  They are 2 completely separate / different security features.  The Plugin Firewall is designed to protect the “plugins” folder so that ARQ does not need to check/monitor the “plugins” folder/files.

    If you are excluding the “plugins” folder in ARQ then the plugins .htaccess file will not be backed up because the ARQ Exclude rule says to not backup any folders or files in the “plugins” folder, which includes the Plugin Firewall .htaccess file.

    Paul D.

    Ahhh.. Noted.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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