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    Living Miracles


    I’ve been testing out a scheduled DB backup job set to hourly on one of my sites and I noticed it was not working for some reason. It would only do the first backup and then wouldn’t do any others. I noticed that when I originally tested this a few months ago, there were many repeating errors in the PHP Error Log. However, when I would set the schedule to daily instead, that would work.

    As part of troubleshooting this issue, I just created a brand new WordPress site on the server yesterday and then just added the BulletProof Security Pro plugin to it and initially just configured an hourly DB backup job on it with the “Delete Backup Files Older Than 1 Day” setting. It worked well for the first three hours but then started to skip certain hours for some reason. Now, after more than 24 hours of it running, there are only the following six DB backup .zip files in the backup folder currently:

    • 2021-11-07-time-11-05-31-pm.zip
    • 2021-11-08-time-1-02-27-am.zip
    • 2021-11-08-time-10-50-56-pm.zip
    • 2021-11-08-time-12-10-33-pm.zip
    • 2021-11-08-time-4-53-44-am.zip
    • 2021-11-08-time-6-08-28-pm.zip

    From what I understand, I should have 23–24 DB backup .zip files in the backup folder at any one time after the first 24 hours of it running and there should be a backup from basically every hour. So I wanted to report this issue to you to see if this is something that needs to be fixed from your end. If you’re confident that this isn’t an issue from your end, then do you have any idea what could be causing this issue from my end, especially since I tested this on a brand new site?

    Thank you.

    AITpro Admin

    I assume you were just testing hourly DB Backups to test them and do not really want to do a DB Backup every hour?  WordPress crons require that your site is visited (pinged) at least once during a cron interval in order for the next cron job to fire at the next scheduled interval.  Example:  If your site does not get a visit (ping) during a particular hour then the next scheduled cron would not fire at that hourly interval.  BPS works with Direct cron jobs that you can setup in your web host control panel.  What you can do is set a basic Direct cron job to visit (ping) your wp-cron.php file every x minutes, but if you were just testing hourly DB Backups for testing purposes and want to setup a more realistic DB Backup time of once per day then you would not need to bother with setting up a Direct Cron job.

    Important Note:  The way the AutoRestore|Quarantine cron works is that if your site is being attacked then the ARQ cron interval fires immediately.  The attack itself triggers the standard WP crons.  Worth mentioning.  😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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