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    Kevin Baker

    I use desktop server to design websites for clients.

    I recently installed BPS pro on one of these as a test site. I have since deleted the site entirely from my computer.

    However, i continue to get new quarantine email alerts from this now deleted site whenever i create a new development site in the software. I don’t get just one or two either i am getting 250+ in a matter of seconds.

    How the hell do i turn these off?????


    AITpro Admin

    Logically the only thing I can think of is you are using the old WordPress database and only deleted old files from the old site.  BPS Pro files MUST exist somewhere or it would not be possible for the Quarantine email alerts to be sent.

    Possible scenarios/options:

    Reinstall and uninstall BPS Pro on the new site.  Uninstalling BPS Pro removes all files and all database options.  Deleting BPS Pro files manually would not remove database options for BPS Pro.

    Use either phpMyAdmin or the Adminer WordPress plugin and edit your database.  Do a search for bulletproof_security and delete all BPS Pro database options, but like I said, in order for AutoRestore/Quarantine to be able to send email alerts the BPS Pro files MUST EXIST somewhere.

    Unless of course these emails are backlogged and they are just now being sent.  ie you install a new site and emails that were queued are now being sent.

    Another possibility is that you have BPS Pro installed under another website on DesktopServer and you used the “Add Additional Files/Folder” option in AutoRestore to monitor another website.  BPS Pro can monitor ALL files anywhere under an entire Hosting Account and also ALL files under a local Development environment.

    Kevin Baker

    Thanks for the quick re

    I did find an old activated but not registered copy of BPS on an old site I had not deleted. This is the only site in my current inventory that had BPS installed. I did check the database for every site and removed the entries in one for BPS and with any luck I have removed whatever trigger was acting to deliver the emails.

    I installed a new site to see what happened and I got no emails at all. So I guess that sorted that little issue.

    Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction and for responding very quickly.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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