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    Email Question:

    AIT Pro –

    Thank you very much for your excellent plugin as it truly is a sound solution to “harden” a website. To better understand how to best use it, I have a few quick questions for you.

    I have updated to BPS (.48.7) and am running my website on WP 3.5.1 on a LAMP installation (PHP 5.2.17). My question concerns two specific plugins, WordPress SEO (specifically XML Sitemaps) and Tubepress, which I have updated to the latest version for each plugin.

    It seems that every time I activate Bulletproof Mode, I can no longer (i) view the XML Sitemap resulting in a network error nor (ii) view the Tubepress videos by clicking on the thumbnail video links. The only way that I have found to resolve this issue after activating Bulletproof Mode for the Root htaccess file is to have my hosting provider, Hostgator, restore Default Folder/File Permissions. Subsequently, everything works with BPS security on the Root htaccess file in place. Note: I have never manually changed any default Folder/File Permissions, and my only custom code for the htaccess file is for W3TC, IE Header and Cloudflare DNS Rerouting.

    I’d greatly appreciate if you can either provide plugin fixes that I can add to the custom code for the Root htaccess file or let me know exactly why the conflict is occurring after activating Bulletproof Mode for the Root htaccess file. Thanks again for a great plugin as the trifecta of BPS, WP Firewall and Wordfence ensure I sleep better at night.

    AITpro Admin

    To troubleshoot BPS check your BPS Security Log for errors.  The errors will tell you if a plugin feature is being blocked.  You can post that specific Security Log error in this forum and we will provide the solution.  Please do not post your entire Security Log contents in the Forum and ONLY post the error or errors that directly relate to an issue or problem with another plugin.

    General BPS Troubleshooting steps to confirm or eliminate that BPS is causing an issue/problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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