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    Email Question:


    It looks as though you have put together a great product.

    I have a web developer telling me that WordPress has too many vulnerabilities, and that an html site will be more secure.

    The problem with that is due to the fact that I do not know html, but I can work my way around WordPress. I get the feeling he wants control ($$$) for stuff I should be able to do, but can’t on an html site.

    I will be taking monthly payments on a membership site with Digital Access Pass.
    Are you familiar with http: // and can it work well with your Security Software?

    Will your BulletProof Security Pro give the site the protection it needs?

    Thank you for your feedback.

    AITpro Admin

    There are reasons to choose to create/build an HTML site vs a WordPress site and a significant reason would have to do with SEO ranking and not security. Google and all other Search Engines evaluate and rank HTML and WordPress sites differently. What this means is that you do slightly different SEO techniques/work on these different site types to achieve the highest ranking possible.

    WordPress sites are very easy to SEO and Posts will rank very high if you use basic good SEO principles and techniques:

    Use primary target keywords in your Post Title for SEO targeting to achieve maximum Post ranking.
    Create useful/valuable content that contains the same SEO target keywords in your Post content.

    Security is not a factor at all with WordPress. Many years ago maybe, but not now. There is bad information and myth all over the Internet about WordPress being a security risk. It will take several more years for that garbage to disappear entirely. Copy cats that copy bad or wrong information and post it on their websites are usually about a decade behind what is currently happening around the Internet and they repeat that bad information on their websites.

    Okay now here are the Primary Targets that hackers go for first before anything else.

    #1 – hack/crack FTP passwords – whether you have an HTML or WordPress website this attack target has nothing at all to do with the site type.
    #2 – crack a WordPress login account – this is of course specific to WordPress or any other site type that has a database login. An HTML site would not be targeted unless of course you had some sort of Login page to that HTML site and then it would also be targeted in the exact same way.
    #3 – Cross Site Infection/hacking – whether you have an HTML or WordPress website this attack target has nothing at all to do with the site type. This type of attack is done by hacking other websites on the same Server if you are using Shared Hosting.

    Regarding BulletProof Security Pro

    BPS Pro protects against all of these attacks above whether the site is an HTML site (with the exception of an HTML Login) or a WordPress site. BPS Pro has the capability to protect all of your website types under you entire Hosting account with the AutoRestore/Quarantine Intrustion Detection and Prevent System (IDPS).

    Regarding Digital Access Pass (DAP)

    There are some known minor issues that have fixes here. Basically some whitelisting rules need to be created in BPS Pro .htaccess code to allow DAP to do what it needs to do.

    What I recommend that you do at this point is this. Go with WordPress over an HTML site for all the obvious reasons. Then after you have your WordPress website setup install BPS Free and apply the necessary whitelisting rules for DAP. After you are sure that everything is working correctly then make the decision to go with BPS Pro. Ie look at BPS Pro Testimonials, look around the BulletProof Security Forum, etc. to make an informed choice.

    Thank you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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