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    I searched for content on this one and could not find any issues.

    I am running the Hueman Pro Theme on my website.   With BPS Active the website functionality has problems.  When I am logged in as an admin the website functions normally.

    When I deactivate the BPS Plugin the website functions normally.  When I reactivate the plugin we have functionality problems.   I have used the installation wizard and re-set-up BPS Pro.  There were zero errors on setup, and all functions are turned on.

    I have zero error messages in the Firewall.   This theme does not use a plugin.

    What happens is the headers fail to properly load, and some site functions do not work as designed.  The Blog webpage formats improperly and the tabs on the right side of the screen fail to load properly, clicking them causes a page scroll down instead of the normal function.  Also the blog page articles do not paginate properly.   If I login as an admin the site functions normally.   Strange?

    What could be causing this problem?


    AITpro Admin

    Could be caused by one of these things:

    BPS Pro Troubleshooting steps:

    Corrupt Browser cache – clear your Browser cache.
    BPS Pro Plugin Firewall problem – Do BPS Pro troubleshooting step #3
    Root or wp-admin htaccess file problem – Do BPS Pro troubleshooting steps #1 & #2


    The only solution was to completely wipe out the website – reinstall wordpress, reinstall the theme, reinstall all of the plugins new – restore the data – and the last step was to install BPS.  When this was done the website functioned perfectly.  Nothing else I tried seemed to work.  It is possible that other themes may have caused the issue – so I made sure that only this theme was installed.

    Thanks for the help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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