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    Gary M. Gordon

    If I use BPS Pro do I still need to run Akismet?

    I was curious if BPS Pro protects against “comments” from spammers.  I saw JTC Anti-Spam / Anti-Hacker.  But wasn’t sure if this protected the site from spammers who might try to submit content via comment boxes, etc.

    I’m just looking for an alternative to Akismet (since for commercial sites the cost is $5 per month, per site .. just basically for spam protection).  Since I use BPS Pro (and LOVE IT) I wanted to know if BPS Pro also provided sufficient or even better protection against spam.



    AITpro Admin

    99.99% of all spam registrations and spam posts are automated using spambots.  JTC Anti-Spam / Anti-Hacker is designed to block/prevent all spambot comment spammer posts and spammer registrations.  JTC currently does not filter/block/prevent human spammers from posting spam comments.  Akismet does filter/block/prevent human spam comments.  These Akismet stats below for this Forum site show the total number of human spam comments detected and spammed by Akismet.  JTC Anti-Spam / Anti-Hacker prevents/blocks around 1,000+ spam registrations and spam comments per month on this Forum site.

    I think Akismet is a fantastic plugin, but $60 per year is a little high.  If you look around at other yearly subscription costs the typical yearly subscription cost is somewhere around $30-$35 per year.  Dealing with 1,000+ spam registrations and spam comments was a time consuming process during the months of JTC Anti-Spam / Anti-Hacker development & testing.  Currently dealing with 1-5 human spam comments per month is insignificant.  So the choice is up to you.  If you are comfortable dealing with a low number of human spam comments per month then you can live without Akismet.  If Akismet drops their yearly subscription price to the $30-$35 price range in the future then I would consider that a very good deal.

    Note:  We have completed our JTC Anti-Spam / Anti-Hacker assessment/comparison period and will be deleting Akismet from this Forum site since this Forum site is associated with commercial use and Akismet was installed for assessment/comparison purposes.  We have already removed Akismet from all of our other commercial sites.

    Historical Stats

    Spam Detected Ham Detected Missed Spam False Positives
    2014-05 1 143 0 0
    2014-04 4 587 0 1
    2014-03 3 698 2 0
    2014-02 5 496 1 2
    2014-01 4 564 1 2
    Gary M. Gordon

    Thanks for the in-depth explanation. I always appreciate your help and experience in these matters.

    I believe, for me .. at the moment .. I’m going to look for a “free” option to Akismet that will help with the “human” aspect of spam. Cheers.  Gary

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