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    Eddie Bouncer

    Hi there,
    I tried to remove BPS. As i am on shared hosting server (apache/2 linux DSO)  i went for the manual ftp-method. I removed the root and wp-admin BPS.htaccesses and added the default wp root .htaccess. After that i could remove BPS from the plugins (dashboard>plugins).

    Now BPS-backup folder still remains in the wp-content folder and i cannot remove it as i get a permission denied to delete it and to change permissions (same goes for other folders). Also the site is buggy, e.g.; my css corrections (dashboard>edit css) is being ignored, links are broken, etc.

    Any idea where to look to fix things?

    Thanx, Ed’

    AITpro Admin

    Sorry for the late reply.  We were having Mail Server problems with our Host on the 30th and did not receive an email notification that your post was created.

    If you cannot delete folders and files on a DSO Server with FTP then the FTP user account does not have Ownership permissions to those folders and files.  You can use your Web Host Control Panel file manager instead to delete those folders and files.

    After deleting the root .htaccess file and wp-admin file, log into your site and go to WordPress Settings >>> Permalinks and resave your permalinks.  This will create a new default WordPress .htaccess file.  If things are still acting buggy then you have a permalink problem or a cache problem that is not related to or caused by BPS.  Clear your Browser cache and clear your plugin cache if you are using a caching plugin.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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