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    AITpro Admin

    Do you have Dedicated, VPS or Shared Hosting?


    The wp-config.php file was already at 777. Every single file on my server was! Still had this error coming up.

    Have spoken to technical support at my hosting company who have been in and made some file permission changes.

    Error is no longer coming up, but the layout of BPS Pro has gone weird (now listing the tabs and displaying all the information beneath, rather than tab by tab navigation).

    The reset has also resulted in most of the setup options at the top disappearing. Will have to try manual navigation through the video tutorial tomorrow…

    Just out of curiosity: what would you say was the best hosting company for WordPress installations?


    I’m on shared hosting with a company called BPWEB, but I’m looking at switching to Tsohost. I’ve put in a query with them about compatibility with WordPress, but your opinion would also be appreciated.

    AITpro Admin

    DSO is a very bad thing to use on Shared Hosting.  suPHP should ALWAYS be used on Shared Hosting since it is much more secure in a Shared Hosting environment.  DSO is not secure at all on Shared Hosting and should ONLY be used on Dedicated or VPS hosting.

    Tsohost is listed on the Web Host list here: so this means that we have installed and setup BPS Pro on this Host and confirmed that everything works perfectly.

    My personal favorite web hosts are:  Go Daddy and HostGator.  Both are great.  😉

    DSO vs suPHP research 

    DSO is faster by default because of the lower CPU usage and PHP runtime is loaded only once.

    DSO is problematic for WordPress because of the file ownership & permissions issues with DSO.

    For Dedicated Hosting the usual security concerns about DSO security in a Shared Hosting environment are not a factor because all files have a single ownership.


    suPHP works well with WordPress

    suPHP is more secure then DSO in a Shared Hosting environment, but in a Dedicated Hosting environment they are almost equal in security, with DSO being slightly more secure in general.

    suPHP runs a higher CPU load usage and PHP runtime is loaded twice.  A performance decrease may be noticeable in a Shared environment, but this will not be noticeable for a Dedicated Server.

    CANNOT use an Opcode Cache (such as Xcache or APC) with suPHP. It is strongly recommend that you install a caching plug-in supplement.


    Have switched over to Tsohost, because I like my hosts to be UK based (as I am!) and everything installed perfectly first time round. Running like an absolute dream!

    Thanks for your help on this issue. Sincerely appreciated. 🙂

    AITpro Admin

    Awesome news!!!  Yep Tsohost is an excellent web host.  Great choice on your part!


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Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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