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    AITpro Admin

    I have now come across 3 different web hosts (US, Amsterdam and the UK) who have Installatron available for automated WordPress installations and noticed the same exact/identical WordPress wp-config.php file modifications below.  WordPress Automatic Updates are disabled by using the AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED constant code below.  The  FS_CHMOD_DIR and FS_CHMOD_FILE define statements are used to allow overriding the default file permissions and the FS_METHOD constant forces the filesystem API method to be “direct”.  The WP_TEMP_DIR constant overrides your server’s default /tmp directory and forces the WordPress /uploads directory to be used as the tmp directory.

    Typically you would only need to use the FS_xxxxx constants for a DSO server type to change things so that the WordPress Filesystem API can do what it needs to do seamlessly and without any problems.  It does not hurt anything to add the FS_xxxxx constants for a CGI server type, but in my opinion it is completely unnecessary to do that.  I believe Installatron needs to add checking conditions for things like:  WP Filesystem API Method value, Server API, etc. and then only create the FS_xxxxx constants if needed.  Disabling WordPress Automatic Updates in the wp-config.php file is done by the user when they choose their Installatron setup options.

    * Other customizations.
    * Turn off automatic updates since these are managed upstream.


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    David Menk

    It sounds like you’ve noticed identical modifications in the wp-config.php files across different web hosts that use Installatron for WordPress installations. The settings you mentioned—disabling WordPress automatic updates, defining file permissions, and forcing the filesystem API method—are typically configured to ensure smooth operation of WordPress installations, especially on different server types like DSO or CGI.

    Regarding Installatron’s role, it might be beneficial for them to implement checks based on server configurations like spam link, server API types, and WordPress filesystem needs before applying these constants universally. This approach could streamline the setup process and avoid unnecessary configurations based on server compatibility.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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