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    Mohamad Hegazy


    good day,

    hope you are doing well as always!

    i tried to activate MSCAN but every time i do the test it stops at 5% with that 30 sec limit

    is there’s any way to fix that

    also i recive php error in php log file regarding that matter

    PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/*/wp-content/plugins/bulletproof-security/admin/mscan/mscan.php on line 1006
    thanks for your time
    Mohamad Hegazy
    AITpro Admin

    The php error has something to do with your checked/unchecked MScan Hosting Account Root Folders checkboxes.  Are all of the Hosting Account Root Folders checkboxes unchecked?  See this MScan Guide forum topic for common issues/problems that occur with MScan >  Try checking only 1 Hosting Account Root Folders checkbox and see if the MScan Scan time estimate tool completes.

    Mohamad Hegazy

    thanks for your replay but my mscan dosn’t show any  files underneath MScan Hosting Account Root Folders checkboxes

    and my server php execution time  is 120sec on siteground gogeek account and i confirmed this from php ini settings but mscan is only checking for 30 sec only!,

    it’s not a big deal but if this one has a solution it would be great!

    second problem that  i only uses BPS Pro and wordfence  Free as my 2 main security plugin for wp
    and i uses sucuri firewall as a cdn and first gate firewall
    the problem here that all the traffic is going through sucuri first then it comes to my website sounds great
    but when bps loging ips and showing security errors it’s not reflecting real user ip it only shows sucuri ips
    i installed sucuri plugin and it did fixes the problem in bps pro maintenance mode and reflected the real ip
    but in bps pro php info viewer /php/bps-phpinfo.php it still reflecting sucuri’s ip’s

    do you know a trick for this

    thank you very mush again

    Mohamad Hegazy

    another problem that if you are enabled JTC Login security for woocommerce login and registration form i discovered a bug

    that when login you simply enter the user name and password and write the hover code and you are in!

    when trying to register from a mobile phone the registration from will be down after you scroll the page you can enter email and new password repeat the new password and once you try to click in the jtc form to type the code it’s automatically scrolled up and you found your self typing the code in the login form instead of registering with will lead to an error that the code is wrong and its real as you didn’t write it in the correct place

    do you know a workable solution to fix such issue

    to many questions but i dont want to create anew topic if its oky for you, if you wish that i do so, i’m happy to assist

    best regards,

    mohamad hegazy

    AITpro Admin

    Are there folders under MScan Hosting Account Root Folders?  The checkboxes should show website hosting account root folders and not files.

    I’m not familiar with the Sucuri firewall and CDN, but it makes sense that you would be seeing the Sucuri IP addresses since the traffic is coming through their Proxy.  You will need to ask the Sucuri folks about this issue to see if there is any settings in the Sucuri Proxy that can be changed.

    We will need to look at the issue with JTC and mobile devices.  It could be a particular problem with your mobile device.  What type of phone and OS are you using on your mobile phone?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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