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    This is the first time I’m trying to run the MScan feature (in Chrome, not Firefox).

    My site sits in its own sub-folder – so a GWIOD site. And in the MScan pop-up notes beside my site folder it says:

    Scanning Other WordPress Sites
    Website folder checkboxes cannot be checked for other WordPress sites under your hosting account. To scan other WordPress sites under your hosting account run MScan from each site

    But of course this site is my site. I don’t see how I can access it any other way.

    So I ran the scan with all files selected – except for the folder where my site is – and weirdly it seemed to have scan everything on my site – all my plugins etc. So it does seem to have scanned my site! Totally confused now.

    Or am I missing something really obvious???


    AITpro Admin

    What folder names do you see in the MScan Website Folders & Files To Scan column?

    Yes, GWIOD site types are confusing in general. For GWIOD site types MScan displays folders for both WP ABSPATH and get_home_path().
    WP ABSPATH: /xxxx/demo1/gwiod-site-installation-folder/
    get_home_path(): /xxxx/demo1/

    You should see the wp-content, wp-includes and wp-admin folders displayed in the Website Folders & Files To Scan column. And you will also see other folders that are 1 folder level up (your home path) and other folders in your “gwiod-site-installation-folder” (ABSPATH).


    @ AITpro – thanks for your reply.

    Folder that I see in MScan are:
    Folder Name
    tpphoto ?
    – with the tpphoto being the GWIOD one and this is the folder thatMScan says it can’t scan from here.

    AITpro Admin

    Ok so I assume the tpphoto is another WordPress site.  If you want to scan that website you would need to run MScan from that website.  Since MScan now uses file hashes to check WP Core, Plugins and Theme files then file hashes would need to be created on the tpphoto website for the WP Core, Plugins and Theme files.


    But what I don’t understand, is that my folder structure is like this: (with various non-wp folders in) > public_html (with various non-wp folders in) > tpphoto (my GWIOD folder) > all my site’s wp folders in.

    So no wp folders other than in the tpphoto folder. Yet MScan seems to identify them from my site, lists them separately as available to scan and scans them!

    And of course I can’t access a separate ‘site’ for my GWIOD as I only have the one login, being this one.

    So it does seem to work for GWIOD in an indirect sort of way!

    AITpro Admin

    A typical GWIO setup would be something like this below, but I have seen many other variations done for GWIOD site types. So what is most likely happening is that MScan is displaying and scanning the correct wp-content, wp-includes and wp-admin folders within your gwoid WP installation folder, but you are doing some GWIOD variation and MScan is seeing the GWIOD folder as a different WP site.  Not a big deal since all WP Core files will be scanned.

    /public_html/gwiod/ – gwiod is the WP installation folder.

    WordPress General Settings:
    WordPress Address (URL) >
    Site Address (URL) >


    Thanks, that’s all good then.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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