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    I have hostgator shared hosting account with WP in several directory (addon) domain names.
    The ROOT domain needs a WP install and BP Security pro of course (every serious WP should have it, IMHO).

    My concern is that BPSP will affect the addon folders that are essentially, seperate domains that I would like to secure and control individually.

    If I install wordpress in the Root with BPSP switched on and with all features active…
    And then go work on one of the directory domain/WPinstalls, will the root BPSP install, block and autorestore my changes in these Addon folders, sitting within the root?

    QUESTION 2With WP installs already in several ADDON/DIRECTORIES on one server, what is the best way to set up a WP Root domain (Main Hostgator account domain) so that BPSP is only affecting that WP install and not the Addon domain, folder/directory installs?

    AITpro Admin

    AutoRestore/Quarantine would not automatically monitor other folders in your website root folder.  By default AutoRestore/Quarantine will monitor all of the WordPress files for the site the you install BPS Pro on. You would have to add those additional folders in AutoRestore to tell AutoRestore to monitor them.

    These are the default folders that AutoRestore/Quarantine monitors for each WordPress site where BPS Pro is installed.

    Root folder, wp-admin folder, wp-includes folder and the wp-content folder.

    See the AutoRestore/Quarantine Guide for additional information:

    First off the best site architecture is to install websites in there own folder so that you can compartmentalize them for security reasons and other good site design reasons.  The best naming convention for website folders is to use the domain name.

    Example website folder names:  /, /, etc

    If you do decide to install WordPress directly into the website root folder instead then…

    All root files in your website root folder will be automatically monitored by AutoRestore/Quarantine because they would be the root files for that WordPress site/installation.

    If your other sites are installed in separate folders then AutoRestore/Quarantine will not monitor those folders unless you configure AutoRestore/Quarantine to monitor those additional folders.

    If you install the WordPress site directly into your website root folder then the root .htaccess file will affect all other subfolders, unless you add an .htaccess file in each subfolder.  If you install the WordPress site in its own folder then you would not have to add .htaccess files in any other folders.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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